Biobased binding material for plant growth substrates

Publicerad: 26 juni 2018

Ornamental flower producers call for a more sustainable solution for growing small plants, where fossil based ‘glued plugs’ are currently used. In a new fact sheet from the LTV Faculty, William R. Newson and Eva Johansson present their result from producing biobased and biodegradable plugs of similar strength as current fossil based ‘glued plugs’.

The intention of the study was to use plugs for growing ornamental plants, such as geraniums and pansies, in greenhouses for later transplanting to larger pots. Strong or so called glued plugs are a prerequisite for successful transplanting of some plants since these species do not grow strong roots.

Unfortunately, the strong biobased and biodegradable plugs negatively influenced the root growth of the ornamental plants, and thus are not yet an alternative for ornamental flower production. More work is needed before a commercially interesting sustainable plug is available with enough strength that allows plant root growth for the ornamental flower production industry.

Read more in fact sheet 2018:6 from the LTV Faculty, Biobased binding material for plant growth substrates, by William R. Newson and Eva Johansson, SLU Alnarp.


Eva Johansson, Professor
Institutionen för växtförädling, SLU, 040-41 55 62