Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

SLU Urban Futures

is a strategic platform that develops and strengthens transdisciplinary research, education and collaboration in sustainable urban development.

SLU Landscape meets Suzanne Mathew

Landscape architect Suzanne Mathew, from Rhode Island School of Design in the US, spent 2 weeks in fall 2019 doing fieldwork in the Alnarp Landscape Lab. Due to Covid-19, her planned keynote at the April 2020 Landscape Days was cancelled so Suzanne kindly agreed to meet us virtually instead.

SLU Urban Futures meets Michel Desvigne

Internationally recognized landscape architect Michel Desvigne from Paris was to elaborate a landscape study in support of the campus's long-term spatial development. When visiting Alnarp in Januari 2020, SLU Urban Futures had a chance to meet him for an interview.

Lab Story: Alnarp Rehab Garden

Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden is one of SLU's living labs and an arena that invites to multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research and collaboration. SLU Urban Futures met Anna María Pálsdóttir and Vanessa Mårtensson to learn more about this kind of urban laboratory and what kind of impact it can have on the society today and in the future.

Lab Story: Augustenborg

Ekostaden (The Eco City) Augustenborg is one of Sweden's largest urban sustainability projects. SLU Urban Futures met up with researcher Tobias Emilsson to hear more about SLU's role in the Vinnova project 'Testbed for Green-Blue Urban Solutions'.

Lab story: Alnarp Landscape Lab

Alnarp Landscape Laboratory is an experimental urban woodland planted by SLU researchers, teachers, students and invited foresters, artists and interested lay people over the past 30 years. SLU Urban Futures met Björn Wiström and Erik Svensson to hear more about this 'living' lab in Alnarp campus.
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