Data management support for environmental monitoring and assessment

Last changed: 06 February 2024
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In addition to education and research, SLU has an assignment from the government to carry out environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA). EMA activities generate scientific data which, like research data, requires good data management.

SLU's data management policy treats environmental monitoring and assessment data in the same way as research data. The policy states, among other things, that research and EMA data should be made as open as possible and only as closed as necessary, and should be managed in accordance with good research practice. In addition, SLU's endorsement of the FAIR principles includes EMA data.

Support at SLU

Data Management Support (DMS) at the SLU University Library provides support to SLU staff working with scientific data, whether it is from research or environmental monitoring and assessment.

There is a working group within DMS called the Unit for Data Management Guidance and Development (DMGD) that works specifically with EMA data.

DMGD tasks include:

  • supporting data management within SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment activities;
  • organising seminars and webinars on data management;
  • providing guidance on data management for EMA projects;
  • advising projects on how improve their data management quality;
  • manage the SLU environmental data catalogue, which contains data descriptions for open data from SLU’s EMA.

Read more about DMGD on the SLU staff web: Data Management Guidance and Development