Policy for scientific publishing

Last changed: 02 February 2023

The SLU policy for scientific publishing was decided in 2020 and has undergone updates in 2022. The purpose of the policy is that results of the scientific work conducted at SLU are to be disseminated, made visible, and put to use.

The policy in its entirety: 

The policy in short 

Scientific publishing is under transformation. The European Union, the Swedish national government, and different parts of the scientific community are actively advocating and working for a shift toward open science. This shift is increasingly putting new requirements on how results are published and how authors should act. This policy clarifies SLU’s declaration of intent for scientific publishing as a means to face the ongoing transformation. Central to the policy is that all peer-reviewed journal articles published by SLU employees are to be open access. Moreover, data generated via research or environmental assessment are to be open with as few restrictions as possible. Apart from this the policy also contains recommendations for other types of publications, on the visibility of publications, on how to make out affiliation in publications, as well as for SLU’s publication database (SLUpub).

Related documents

Data management and publications published by SLU are mentioned in the policy as these areas relate to scientific publishing. However, these areas are subject to separate governing documents. Links to these are found on the bottom of this page.