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Open Access

Open access means that scientific output is made permanently and freely available online in a controlled way. This makes it possible for anyone to read, use and download research results. These pages contain information on the benefits of publishing open access and what it means for you as an employee at SLU.

Why publish open access?

  • Open access gives greater visibility and faster dissemination of research results.
  • According to many studies, open access articles gain more citations because they are more accessible.
  • An increasing number of research funders mandate that results from their financed projects are made open access. The idea is that publicly financed research results should be publicly available. Read about funders' mandates.
  • Publishing in open access journals normally means that the authors retain copyright of their publication.
  • By publishing open access, you follow SLU's policy for scientific publishing, which states that all peer-reviewed research papers are to be published open access.
Published: 09 June 2021 - Page editor: bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se