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Data Management Support

SLU Data Management Support (DMS) assists SLU employees with data management - from planning, including data management plans, to publishing, long-term preservation, archiving and the reuse of research and environmental assessment data.

SLU Data Management Guides

Here you will find resources to help you plan your data management, write a data management plan, publish data, find already published data and much more.

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Data from environmental monitoring and assessment

Read more about SLU's systematic approach to data management in environmental monitoring and assessment and the support available.

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How to publish data via SND

All SLU staff can publish scientific data and data descriptions free of charge via the Swedish National Data Service (SND). Read our guide to find out how!

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Recently published SLU data

SLU data in SND's research data catalogue, curated by DMS. All SLU data in SND's research data catalogue

  • Detection of hunting pits using airborne laser scanning and deep learning

    This is training and testing data for the detection of hunting pits in airborne laser data. The data is split into three parts. 1: Data for transfer learning with radar imagery and impact craters on the moon. 2. Data for training and testing of the machine learning model. 3: Data from a separate demonstration area used to evaluate the model. The lunar data (1) were used to pre-train a machine learning model before training on the real data of hunting pits from earth (2). The demonstration...

  • Data from: Pyric herbivory in a temperate European wood-pasture system

    The data is used in the study "Pyric herbivory in a temperate European wood-pasture system", in which we introduced fire and herbivory in a full-factorial experiment in a temperate European wood-pasture system to test if pyric herbivory operates in ways comparable to grassy systems elsewhere in the world. The dataset consists of data from photo traps describing the time in seconds per one-minute video that cattle performed a certain behavior and in which part of a study plot they were...

Published: 15 February 2024 - Page editor: dms@slu.se