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Data Management Support

SLU Data Management Support (DMS) assists SLU employees with data management - from planning, including data management plans, to publishing, long-term preservation, archiving and the reuse of research and environmental assessment data.

SLU Data Management Guides

Here you will find resources to help you plan your data management, write a data management plan, publish data, find already published data and much more.

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Manage monitoring data

Support for the management of data from environmental monitoring and assessment, including SLU's systematic quality work.

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Swedish National Data Service (SND)

SND is a network of around 40 universities, including SLU. Among SND's tasks is to offer researchers the possibility to publish data in its research data catalogue.

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Recently published SLU data

SLU data in SND's research data catalogue, curated by DMS. All SLU data in SND's research data catalogue

  • Pigs' odour exploration behaviour – data from part 1 of project ”Smell this"

    These studies are connected to the first part in a larger project called "Smell This". Study 1 aimed to a) identify which non-social odors pigs were able to detect and distinguish between, b) investigate the types of behavior expressed when exploring odors and, c) compare pigs’ responses to the different odors to evaluate their interest in the odors. Growing pigs (N=192) of crossbred commercial breeds were enrolled in the experiment . Littermate pairs of opposite sex were tested in test pens...

  • Sheep herd health and reproductive management associated with lamb...

    The dataset consists of a TSV file consisting of 209 rows and 54 columns and contains the following information: information about the herd and its localisation (type of village, village number, household number), information about the ewe (pseudonymized ID, age, number of lambs in total, number of lambs this litter, body condition score, presence of fleece contamination and presence of clinical signs of disease), information about the lamb (pseudonymized ID, sex, age at first weighing...

Published: 22 June 2023 - Page editor: dms@slu.se