Reading and writing support

Last changed: 13 June 2024
Headphones attached to a smartphone

The SLU University Library offers support for those with reading and writing difficulties. If you have dyslexia, visual impairment, mobility impairment or other disabilities, we can help you get access to talking books and show you which computer programmes can help you.

Talking books

Talking books are produced by the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM). The books are available for download or streaming in their catalogue Legimus. If you have a reading disability that makes it difficult to read physical books, the library can create a user account for you in Legimus. Contact the library to get started with Legimus!

About Legimus at the MTM website

The Legimus app

If you have a Legimus user account, you can use the Legimus app to read books. The app is available for both Android and iPhone/iPad.

When you are missing a course book in Legimus

As a student with a reading and writing disability, you have the right to have your course literature adapted to the format that works for you. If a course book is not available as a talking book or e-book in Legimus, the library can request that it is produced. This only applies to compulsory course literature. Please note that the delivery time is about 8 weeks. Contact the library if you cannot find your course book in Legimus.

Our text-to-speech app TorTalk

At SLU, students and employees have access to the text-to-speech programme TorTalk. You do not need to have a reading disability to use TorTalk.

With TorTalk you can listen to all kinds of text, on your mobile phone and on your computer. You can choose voice, language and speech speed. TorTalk is available for PC and Mac, and also as an app for iPhone/iPad and Android mobiles.

TorTalk is installed on all student computers. If you want to install it on your own computer, you can do so via SLU's software download where you log in with your student account.

Computer programmes and apps

Programmes on computers

All student computers at SLU are equipped with many useful programmes, some of which you can download to your own computer. Funka at SLU has collected tips on computer programmes and apps that you can download to your computer. There are computer programmes for those who prefer to listen to text and also programmes that can help with spelling and writing.

Computer programmes and apps


With a smartpen, you can write notes while recording the audio of what is said in a meeting or lecture, for example. You can then listen to the exact sound that was recorded when you wrote a specific part. If you are interested in trying a smartpen, contact Funka. They can give you a referral to the library who will then introduce you to and lend you a pen.