Management and organisation at the SLU University Library

Last changed: 01 February 2024

Here you'll learn how the library is organised and find contact information for the library management.

What we do

The SLU University Library works with and develops scientific communication and supports research and learning in collaboration with researchers, students and employees at SLU. Our aim is a university successful in its mission, with research results widely spread and of use to society. Our goal is to contribute to making SLU a world-class university in the fields of life and environmental sciences.

Who we are

The SLU University Library has around 50 employees, spread over different campuses all over the country. Just as the university itself, we work together as one library. We have approximately half a million visitors to our physical locations, and over a million visits to the digital library per year. Our digital services make us available to you, wherever you are. 

Contact information library management

Library Director

Linda Vidlund,, 018-67 34 07

Data Management Support (DMS), head of department,

Hanna Lindroos,, 018-67 28 38

Library Operations, head of department,

Malin Jenslin,, 018-67 20 82

Pedagogical support and learning spaces, head of department,

Love Strandberg,, 018-67 15 66

Research Services, head of department,

Peter Nilén,, 070-865 52 27