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Last changed: 25 January 2024
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Data Management Support (DMS) arranges webinars and workshops, as well as gives lectures and presentations. Some of the webinars have been recorded and can be watched online.

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Recordings and documentation from previous webinars

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Open access, open data and data management plans - how to meet funders' requirements (in Swedish and English)

Formas and VR, as well as other funders and SLU through the university's data management policy, require that research projects have a data management plan and that the project's data (where possible) and articles are published openly. This webinar covered Formas and VR requirements, what SLU researchers need to do to meet these requirements, and what opportunities, tools and support are available at SLU.

Data management as part of open science, FAIR data and good research practice – an introduction

A webinar about data management in an ongoing research project, with regard to applications, how data can be published and archived, and much more.

In the webinar you will also hear about how well-managed data is an integral part of open science and get some practical advice about how to make data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable), including publishing data in an open repository such as the Research Data Catalogue hosted by the Swedish National Data Service (SND).

Get started with your data management plan (in Swedish and English)

The webinar covered what a data management plan (DMP) is, its benefits and content, requirements stipulated by funders, as well as how and with what SLU’s Data Management Support (DMS) can help you.

The principle of public access to official documents – can anyone ask for your research material?

A webinar about the principle of public access and who can access data as well as other research material.

The Swedish constitution states that the public has the right to transparancy and access to information (i.e., official documents) from the state and public agencies (offentlighetsprincipen). Not all researchers are aware that working at a Swedish university means they have the same legal and ethical responsibilities as employees at other public agencies and institutions.

In this webinar, you will learn more about these responsibilities, not least in your everyday work within science (such as that you are supposed to retain files and documents and keep them organised). We will explain what official documents (allmänna handlingar) are, whether they always have to be made available to the public, and how you should manage the documents that your research generates.

Speakers: Patrik Spånning Westerlund and Maria Sjölund (SLU Archive), Henrik Leffler and Simon Åkerblom (SLU Legal affairs) and Hanna Östholm (Data Management Support).

Research data and Swedish law, GDPR and immaterial rights

A webinar adressing how the Swedish law, GDPR, and immaterial rights may affect research data management.

Research documents, including articles and underlying data, are official documents at SLU. There are archival requirements as for official documents from, for instance, education and university administration. In this webinar, you will learn about other legal aspects with regard to research data. Researchers often process personal data – either directly, performing surveys or interview, or indirectly, collecting information from landowners or animal owners.

Most of us have come across GDPR but probably do not know what you must, can, and cannot do with personal data according to the law and SLU regulations. Further, we will go through the basics about immaterial or intellectual property rights, business patents, and copyright when it comes to research data.

Speakers: Henrik Leffler and Simon Åkerblom (SLU Legal affairs), Hanna Östholm (Data Management Support).

Get started with your data management plan (2021)

The webinar covered what a data management plan (DMP) is, its benefits and content, requirements stipulated by funders, as well as how and with what SLU’s Data Management Support (DMS) can help you.

The webinar were also given in 2022, see above for recordings.

Podcast: Open Science Talks

In the SLU University Library's podcast "Open Science talks" you will find out more about how SLU works with open science. Episode #02 is about open data.