Centre for Academic Language

Last changed: 08 January 2024

The Centre for Academic Language works towards the development of academic language skills at SLU. We can support teachers with lectures and workshops to develop students' academic language. We also offer students individual tutoring.

Lectures and workshops

The Centre for Academic Language offers academic language support for all undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students at SLU. We can support you as a teacher by providing lectures and workshops to develop students' generic skills. These sessions could for example introduce students to reading strategies, aspects of academic writing, prepare them for writing a paper or thesis, teach oral presentation skills or give tips for creating a scientific poster. We aim to always adapt our content according to students' needs and the overall course plan. 

Course development

We can also offer support when you as a teacher plan for your students' academic language progression. The support is offered for both individual courses and at the programme level. We can have an individual meeting or we can for example give a workshop for you and your colleagues. 

Online learning

The Centre for Academic Language offers online support through modules in Canvas that you can import and integrate into your own course room. 

One-to-one sessions for students

The Centre offers individual language tutoring for students.  We provide support for oral presentations and reading strategies as well as written assignments (for example a literature review, a lab report, a thesis or an abstract for a conference).  We offer support in both Swedish and English. 

Students who need special support, for example due to dyslexia or a neuropsychiatric disability, can apply for study support from FUNKA. All students are always welcome to the Centre for Academic Language with text- and language related questions. 


For a quick question or two, all are welcome during our drop-in hours during term time.