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Writing and language support

Here are some tips that can be valuable when you're writing a research paper or some other academic text.

Book language support

Working on a written assignment? Book a language support tutorial! Available during term time.

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Library search & write guide

The library search and write guide in canvas is for you who are going to write a paper. In the modules you can, for example, learn more about searching for literature, academic writing, oral presentations and how to make an academic poster.

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Centre for Academic Language

The Centre for Academic Language offers academic language support for all undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students at SLU. We offer students individual tutoring and support teachers by providing lectures and workshops to develop students' generic skills.

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Document templates

Here you can find document templates in Word for student theses and SLU publications. You will also find information and help on how to use the templates.

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The structure of an academic text

On this page, you get an overview of the structure scientific texts usually have. This structure is often used in bachelor and master theses, as well as in reports and scientific articles.

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Academic writing

This page provides some tips on how to compose academic texts. For example, web resources, useful programs and literature tips.

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Published: 23 August 2023 - Page editor: bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se