Plan data management

Last changed: 02 October 2023
Plan data management (Flaticon)

Data from research and environmental monitoring and assessment is a highly valuable resource. Planning to manage data can help increase your work’s efficiency and the data's integrity as well as visibility.

Data management is all about making your work efficient and maximising the data’s value both during and after your work. For your work to become more efficient and excelling, planning how to best manage the data is preferably done right from the start of your project. Drawing up a data management plan (DMP) is a good place to start and will help you understand your needs and requirements with regard to data management.


Support at SLU in matters concerning the management of data is given by the Data Management Support (DMS) unit. DMS provides support to SLU employees and SLU students with regard to SLU's institutional DMP template (indidivual- or group-based walkthroughs), DMPonline, and/or a DMP draft (feedback).

If you have any questions about DMPs or are interested in support regarding DMPs (or anything else related to data management), please contact DMS via email ( or use our web form to book a Data Date

SLU Data Management Guide

In the SLU Data Management Guide you may find resources to help you plan your data management, write a data management plan, publish data, find already published data as well as much more.