Data management support at SLU

Last changed: 29 May 2024

Data Management Support at SLU is a university-wide support function that provides support and guidance for all aspects of data management, to both SLU employees and SLU students.

How we can help

We visit departments and other units at SLU and present the services DMS can provide. We also organise workshops and webinars on different aspects of data management. We, moreover, offer guidance and consultation and are happy to meet with you individually or as a group, in person or online.

Contact us ( to discuss the options available, or use our web form to book a Data Date.

What we can help with

We are happy to assist in all aspects of data management, for example, the subjects listed below.

Data management in general

  • SLU's data management policy and how to comply with it.
  • FAIR principles for data management.
  • Data documentation and metadata.
  • File formats, organisation, and versioning.
  • Storage and backup.
  • Data protection and security (e.g., regarding personal and sensitive data).
  • Archiving and handling of data as official records.
  • Finding and re-using data.

Data management planning and data management plans (DMPs)

  • Data management planning in general.
  • SLU's institutional DMP template that meets funders' expectations.
  • Support in creating a DMP and discussing a DMP's content.

Research proposals and funder requirements

  • Data management and open science related sections in research proposals.
  • Funder's requirements.

Data sharing and data publishing

  • Advice on suitable data repositories.
  • Advice on how to prepare data prior to publishing and archiving.
  • Reviewing and curating data for the SND research data catalogue.
  • Publisher's requirements.

SLU Data Management Guides

We also provide guides to data management, which covers most of the areas listed above.