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SLU data management guides

Here you will find resources to help you plan your data management, write a data management plan, publish data, make data more FAIR, and much more.

How to store scientific data at SLU

There are several options available for storing scientific data safely at SLU. This guide will help you navigate the different options.

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How to set up a DMP in DMPonline

A guide to creating a DMPonline account and setting up a data management plan to help you manage your data and meet the requirements of research funders.

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How to publish data via SND

All SLU staff can publish scientific data and data descriptions free of charge via the Swedish National Data Service (SND). Read our guide to find out how!

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How to make data FAIR

The FAIR principles aim to improve the reusability of scientific data. This guide will help you get started on making the data you work with more FAIR.

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Introduction to data management

What is research data management?

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Plan data management

Make research more efficient, and create more value for data.

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Collect, organise, and store data

Organise, document and describe data systematically.

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Quality guide for the management of EMA data

The SLU quality guide for the management of data from environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) outlines goals and important quality aspects with regard to data management.

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Process and analyse data

Enable reproducibility, preservation and publishing of data.

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Archive and preserve data

Ensure access to public records, cultural heritage and research needs.

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Share and publish data

Publish data in a repository to ensure impact and visibility of research.

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Discover, reuse, and cite data

Find research data and read about issues to consider when re-using data.

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