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Last changed: 05 December 2023

If you have any questions about data management or would like to know more about how Data Management Support (DMS) can help you, please contact us.

Send an email to, or use our web form to book a Data Date. If you like to reach out to any of us directly, contact details are available below.

You can also search our FAQ.

A group of people outside. Photo.DMS staff outside the SLU University Library in Ultuna.

DMS Staff

Hanna Lindroos
Head of Division
018-672838, 070-2585978

Mikaela Asplund

Kerstin Belin

Simon Hallstan
Communications Officer
018-671306, 073-5615236

Jürg Brendan Logue
Business Developer

Maja Pelve
Business Developer

Karl Pettersson
018-671302, 073-0605582

Ida Taberman
Business Developer
090-786 82 16

Ylva Toljander
072-227 09 48

Hanna Östholm
Business Developer

About DMS

Data Management Support (DMS) at the SLU University Library is a university-wide support function. DMS supports SLU employees and students with, among other things, handling, publishing, and archiving data. Read more about how DMS can help.

Data Curation Unit (DCU) + Data Management Guidance and Development (‘Miljödatastöd’) 

1 July 2021 SLU’s Data Curation Unit (DCU) and Unit for Data Management Guidance and Development (‘Miljödatastöd’) were merged into the new unit Data Management Support (DMS).