Data licences

Last changed: 04 July 2023

Please note that the text on this page is under review.

When making data accessible in repositories, it is common practice to specify the data licence.

Licences usually serve two purposes: to allow the author to provide information about how data may be used, processed and disseminated, but also to allow those wishing to re-use data to do so without having to ask permission. A licence statement is one of the principles for data to be considered FAIR.

Commonly used licences for open data (as well as other material) are the Creative Commons (CC) licences, including CC0 (which waives the copyright of the author and grants the material to the public domain) and CC-BY (which permits sharing and processing of the material provided proper acknowledgement is made).

The Swedish Agency for Digital Governance (DIGG) has issued recommendations on open access, re-use and further use of public-authority information. The recommendation regarding data states: "For information and data created by a public authority not subject to copyright or other intellectual property protection, the label PDM or CC0 is recommended".

Discussions on applicable licences for data are ongoing, partly at SLU but also at national level (e.g., in the SND network) and have not yet reached any kind of consensus.

More information and support on data licensing

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