Data storage

Last changed: 07 March 2024

Two important principles regarding data storage:

  • important data should be backed up regularly;
  • if possible, store only what is necessary for the project/investigation.

It is also important to ensure that data are stored using stable and secure data-storage technology. A rule of thumb is to avoid storing data locally on (laptops), USB sticks and the like, as these can be broken, lost or stolen.

The IT department provides several operational services, e.g., storage (including file storage of working material), and long-term storage of inactive material (the difference between the two concerns access to the storage service and backup intervals).

SLU employees with a so-called SLU computer receive secure server storage at the IT department for documents and files stored on the desktop of the computer and in the folders Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Downloaded files and Videos.

Cloud storage services, where physical storage takes place outside the EU (e.g., Dropbox and Google Drive), shall be avoided. If cloud storage is needed, the IT department can provide access to 1TB via Onedrive.

Additional information and support regarding data storage

Please contact the IT department with questions about data storage.

Information regarding file storage is available on the Staff web (in Swedish only).


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