Agreement regarding transfer of the right to publish a work

Last changed: 04 March 2024

For authors/depositors: The following agreement regarding transfer of copyright has been made between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, hereinafter designated SLU, and you, hereinafter designated the Author/the Depositor.

1. Transfer of copyright with respect to publication

Subject to the limitations stated below, the Author or the Depositor undertakes to transfer to SLU without compensation the right to publish the work in question, hereinafter designated the Work, in electronic form (on SLU’s home page on the Internet or in other electronic media). The right to publish shall include the right to make copies and to make the Work available to the public. SLU shall have the right to transfer publication to another home page or similar site if this shall be judged necessary. Publication shall take place in such form as exists when the Work has been approved by examination. Transfer of copyright shall not impose any limitations on the Author to make use of the work for any other purposes.

2. Period of validity of the agreement

The present agreement shall remain in force until the expiry of the copyright in the Work vested in the Author or in the Author’s successors in accordance with article 43 of the Copyright Act or any subsequent law containing equivalent provisions. Should SLU be reorganised or be incorporated in any other university, this agreement shall also apply to any successors in the copyright.

3. Purpose of publication

Publication shall take place for the university’s research, teaching and Library requirements and not for commercial purposes.

4. Form of the Work

The Author shall make the Work available in appropriate digital form. The SLU Library will provide detailed instructions concerning the form of the Work.

5. Copyright

For authors: The Author shall ensure that he or she is the originator of the Work and has the right to dispose of the Work for publication in accordance with the present agreement.
For depositors: The Depositor shall ensure that he or she has acquired the right from the Author to dispose of the Work for publication in accordance with the present agreement

6. Limitations with respect to other transfer of copyright

If the Author transfers the copyright of the Work to any other person in any respect other than as is stipulated in the present agreement, the Author shall always reserve SLU’s rights in accordance with the present agreement. The Author shall always ensure that SLU suffers no financial loss in connection with any demand for compensation that may arise from SLU’s publication of the Work.

7. Translations etceteras

In pursuit of its ordinary activities, SLU shall have the right to make copies of the Work. SLU shall furthermore have the right to make translations to other languages, to Braille, etceteras, as well as in the form of sound recordings.

8. Right to computer programs

If the Work contains a computer program or programs, of which the Author is the copyright owner, SLU shall also have the right to make use of such program or programs for the purposes stated in the present agreement. Computer sourcecode, etceteras, which is essential for the use of the computer program shall not be published unless necessary. The copyright of any computer program or programs shall be decided in accordance with section 40a of the Swedish Copyright Law.

9. Validity of the agreement

The present agreement shall come into force immediately after the Author's or the Depositor’s acceptance.