Forestry photo archive

Last changed: 22 December 2023
Old group portrait of men in front of a waterfall, photo

The forest photo archive consists of about 17,000 historical photographs taken between 1900 and 1963. A large part has been digitized and made available in the SLU Media Bank.

The photographs are a documentation of Swedish forest history, where you can follow the development of, for example, various forestry methods, tools, machines, etc., and also the benefits of their use.

About 5,000 images from the SLU Library photo archive, from the Forestry Museum in Lycksele and from other collections, have been digitized and made available in the SLU Media Bank. Most of them are black and white photos taken between 1900-1963, but the database was later supplemented with newer images taken up to the 1990s. Many of these are in colour.

The selection has taken place in collaboration with researchers from the Faculty of Forest Sciences and staff at the Forestry Museum in Lycksele. The Kemp Foundation, the Royal Library and the Faculty have funded the project.

The images are freely available unless otherwise stated. However, source must always be stated. When used for commercial use, approval from the SLU library is required.

Please note that 1) you need to use "+skogshistoria" as one of your keywords if you want your search results solely within the forest photo archive (for example "+skogshistoria +[something else]") and 2) the keywords and descriptions are written in Swedish only.