Data management plans

Last changed: 06 April 2023

A data management plan (DMP) is a living document that describes how data will be managed during and after a project. It should be updated regularly during the course of the project to reflect the current state of the project at all times.

Several of SLU's major funders (VR, Formas, Horizon 2020/Europe) require that projects they fund generate a DMP and that the DMP be updated during the course of the project.

SLU’s records management plan states that a data management and preservation plan shall be developed as part of research documentation. The policy for management and accessibility of data further clarifies that all projects should produce a DMP and that it should be updated regularly. The head of department is responsible for ensuring that the DMP is in place for all new projects.

Tools and templates

All SLU employees can use the web-based tool DMPonline to create data management plans free of charge.

An SLU template facilitates the creation of a DHP. It has been designed to comply with requirements from VR, Formas, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and Science Europe.

Support on data management plans

Support at SLU in matters concerning the management of data is given by the Data Management Support (DMS) unit. DMS provides support to SLU employees and SLU students with regard to the SLU's institutional DMP template (indidivual- or group-based walkthroughs), DMPonline, and/or a DMP draft (feedback).

If you have any questions about DMPs or are interested in support regarding DMPs (or anything else related to data management), please contact DMS via email ( or use our web form to book a Data Date.