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Bahre Kiros

Bahre Kiros


Under the environmental economics research group, Bahre Gebru Kiros is a PhD student at the Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Employing micro-econometric techniques, his research broadly focuses on the intersection of environment and development economics using panel data and spatial data from Ethiopia and Uganda.  He is particularly interested in examining the impacts of environmental degradation on welfare and development. Before joining SLU as a student, Bahre used to work as a lecturer at Aksum University and Mekelle University. He taught undergraduate courses (e.g.,  NREE, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, etc) and graduate courses (e.g.,  Advanced Econometrics, Advanced Panel Data Econometrics, Quantitative Methods for Finance, and Quantitative Marketing Research). He has also administrative experiences in the areas of research,  community service, and consultancy projects. 


Bahre has been working as a TA for the courses "NREE" and "Econometrics and Programming" at SLU. 


Bahre Gebru’s PhD thesis is “Essays on the economics of climate change adaptation, resource use and development”, and is supervised by Katarina Elofsson. 

Selected publications

Articles in peer reviewed journals and papers in progress

1. Zerihun, Z., Hadush, G., Berhanu, T., Gebru, B., Balcha, T. and Gebreslassie, Y. (2021). Reintegration of returning citizens in the absence of formal transition programs: experiences from Ethiopia, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 60(4): 256-269

2. Gebru, B. and Bezu, S. (2014). Environmental resource collection: implications for children’s schooling in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, Environment and Development Economics, 19(2):182-200

3. Gebru, B. (2014). Fertility response to parents’ resource collection intensity: evidence from southeast Tigray, northern Ethiopia, African Journal of Economic and Sustainable Development, 3(2):141-155

4. Gebrehiwot, G. and Gebru, B. (2015). Ethiopia’s foreign trade potential: inferences from a dynamic gravity approach, International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 9(4):355-375

5. Gebru, B., Elofsson, K., Amuakwa-Mensah, F. and Marbuah, G. (2021). Climate adaptation and households’ choice of sanitation facilities in Ethiopia (under review)

6. Gebru, B. and Elofsson, K. (2022). The role of forest status in households’ fuel choice in Uganda (under review)

7. Gebru, B. and Elofsson, K. (2022). The impacts of water scarcity on health outcomes: an instrumental variables approach (manuscript)

8. Gebru, B. (2022). Who prays for what? weather and farm labour outcomes 


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