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Programmes & courses

SLU offers programmes and courses, ranging from Bachelor's to Master's and PhD level. There's also a variety of courses for those who wants to shape their own education.

Bachelor's programme

  • Forest and Landscape

    Would you like to be able to influence the future development of forests and landscapes? Then look no further - this is the Bachelor's degree for you.

Master's programmes

  • Agricultural Economics and Management

    Would you like to work with economic aspects of agriculture, food production and natural resources? Then this is the Master’s programme for you.
  • Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis

    Would you like to have a double Master’s degree focusing on economics and policy analysis from two renowned European universities? If that's your aim, then this is definitely the programme for you.
  • Agroecology

    Picture of some cows on pasture. Fields in the background. Would you like to become an expert in agroecology, dealing with complex issues related to the sustainability of food production? Then this is the Master’s programme for you.
  • Animal Science

    Do you have a strong interest in animals and would like to contribute to sustainable development in animal husbandry? Then this is the Master's programme for you.
  • Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife

    Would you like to contribute to the sustainable conservation and management of the world’s fish and wildlife resources? Then this is the Master's programme for you.
  • EnvEuro

    The perfect programme if you would like to have a double European Master’s degree that focuses on the relationships between natural resource uses in Europe and their effects on the environment and society.
  • Environmental Communication and Management

    Welcome to a Master’s degree that will help you to understand and manage different types of communication processes in the area of environmental and natural resource management.
  • Environmental Economics and Management

    Would you like a career working with environmental issues in national or international businesses? Then this is the Master’s programme for you.
  • Euroforester

    This programme is a top choice for those who are open to new ideas and wish to obtain a profound understanding of forest management, ecology, planning and policy that goes beyond national traditions.
  • Food and Landscape

    Help create future sustainable perspectives on food by learning about the relation between food, people and places.
  • Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

    The picture shows a student in the forest, squatting and taking notes on a paper. Do you want to study Forest Ecology at the university ranked as number one in forestry science? Then look no further - this is the Master’s programme for you.
  • Hållbar stadsutveckling

    This master's programme is only given in Swedish. Please visit the Swedish website for further information.
  • Horticultural Science

    Would you like to work with plants and influence and participate in future sustainable production and cultivation of horticultural crops? Then this is the Master’s programme for you.
  • Landscape Architecture

    Gain your Master’s degree from one of Europe’s largest campuses for education in landscape architecture, design, planning and governance.
  • Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation

    Would you like to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of landscape architecture's more large-scale developments? Then this is the Master’s programme for you.
  • Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being

    Study this distance-based Master’s programme and learn how outdoor environments in people's everyday life can promote development, health and well-being.
  • Plant Biology for Sustainable Production

    A unique Master’s programme covering essential knowledge about how plants work, their genetics and interaction with the environment.
  • Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

    Women harvesting at tea plantation. Would you like to make an impact on climate change by learning more about rural development and natural resource issues? Then this is the programme for you.
  • Soil, Water and Environment

    Soil, water and the environment are of major concern at all levels of society. This unique Master’s programme prepares you for a future career as a soil and water expert.
  • Sustainable Development

    Do you want to gain the knowledge and skills required to deal with complex challenges to sustainable development? Then this is the perfect programme for you.
  • Sustainable Food Systems

    The ideal Master's programme if you aim to become an expert in sustainable food systems and strive to take on challenges in the entire food chain.

Doctoral education

Learn more about becoming a doctoral student at SLU.

Study and career guidance

Ask us about: courses or programmes, which education that suits you and how to reach your future goals, your study environment and get support in your career choises.

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