SLU Skinnskatteberg

Last changed: 04 April 2024
Skinnskatteberg, the main building. Photo.

Campus Skinnskatteberg is located in the South-Central part of Sweden, 180 km NW of Stockholm. Here, forestry education has been provided since 1945. Along with university training, SLU also conducts research and international projects in Skinnskatteberg.

Skinnskatteberg is situated between the northern coniferous forest region and the southern mixed forest region. This is an excellent starting point for showing forest production and environmental aspects under several geographical conditions.

The School for Forest Management rests on four major pillars of activities:

  • Education , with the BSc programme in Forest Management
  • In-service training
  • International co-operation
  • Applied interdisciplinary research on Sustainable Forest Management

Other main fields of expertise are rural development, forest governance, landscape planning, pedagogical methodologies, curriculum development and institutional capacity building.

Find your way at Skinnskatteberg campus

Campus map

Press on the picture to see a larger map.

Skinnskatteberg Campus. Map.

The numbers at the map over Skinnskattebergs herrgård are:

  1. Herrgården - lesson rooms, library
  2. Västra flygeln - office
  3. Östra flygeln
  4. Övre strömflygeln
  5. Stallet - student's lodgings
  6. Övre/nedre lab - upper and lower laboratories
  7. Magasinet - student's lodgings
  8. Tre kolare - students' union
  9. Tre kolare - student's lodgings, private
  10. Kommunhuset - lesson room S
  11. Gula paviljongen - guest hotel
  12. Nedre strömflygeln

Educational programme at SLU Skinnskatteberg

The BSc programme in Forest Management is given only in Swedish.


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