To be a student at SLU with a disability

Last changed: 18 August 2017

Are you planning to study at SLU? Do you have a disability that may affect your studies? Then you can apply for student disability support. SLU shall offer all students equal opportunities to pursue their studies in a good study environment.

With disability means a permanent physical or mental limitation in the study situation. This includes dyslexia, physical disabilities, mental and neuropsychiatric disorders and chronic illnesses that affect the studies. In order to get support you need to apply for it. The support is individually tailored and is designed in consultation with you, the student.

In order to be able give you to get the appropriate educational support from the beginning of your studies it is important that you contact SLU's coordinator for students with disabilities well in advance. Get in touch as soon as you submit your application to one of our programs or if you have applied a single course. Together, we can discuss what support may be appropriate for you.

More information and contact

You are of course welcome to ask questions about what it is like to study with a disability at SLU, even if you have not yet decided to apply for one of our courses.

For more information about studying with disabilities at SLU, please go to SLU's Student web for more information. You can also turn to SLU's coordinator for students with disabilities, Ylva Eklind Tel: 018 - 67 12 65 E-mail:


Study with disabilities

Ask us about: studying with disabilities that might affect your studies and how you apply for special pedagogical support.