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Last changed: 09 December 2022

At SLU in Skara, we research and educate about animals, the environment and rural production issues. Our profile areas in research are animal husbandry, animal welfare, precision farming and advice. Outside the centrally located campus there are two research facilities; Götala and Lanna.

Skara is SLU's fourth largest campus. The activities at SLU in Skara belong to several of SLU's faculties. In some cases, they belong to a mother institution elsewhere. As a joint function for Skara, there is a site manager with responsibility for coordination and collaboration.


The newsletter from SLU in Skara is sent out twice a semester. It contains information about current events, activities and research news. Do you want to follow what we do in collaboration between academia, business and society? Sign up for the newsletter and you will receive the information directly in your e-mail. The newsletter is in Swedish.

Steadily forward in constant development

Since 2014, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, together with region Västra Götaland, has had joint investments in research, development and skills supply for the green industries. Now the investments and cooperation continue and strengthen with a new agreement that extends until December 31, 2023. For SLU in Skara, this means continued work in three priority areas, now with an even greater focus on innovation and utilization. The initiative is called Tillämpningsklivet 2021-2023 and means:
  • Competitiveness and climate adaptation in beef and lamb production - The application step beef and lamb production.
  • Innovation power and environmental benefits in precision farming.
  • Application leap precision farming.
  • Skills supply and business development in agriculture.

The agreement is based on the Future Projects - the investment in the SLU campus in Skara that the Västra Götaland region initiated in 2014. Future projects are SLU Götala beef and lamb research, Precision farming, SLU RådNu and Fossil-free agriculture.

West Sweden Group

West Sweden Group for Strategic Agricultural Development is a network of leaders in organizations that drive agriculture's knowledge-intensive development forward.

West Sweden Group


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