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A Non-Toxic Environment

We provide decision support and expertise in the work towards a non-toxic environment in Sweden. The data from our monitoring programmes contributes to the overall picture of the environmental status regarding hazardous substances.  We also assess the risks with hazardous substances and their effects, and support the work with Sweden's international comittments on environmental pollutants.

Gunnar Carlsson and Anna-Karin Dahlberg. Photo.

A Non-Toxic Environment programme

Do you want to get involved with us or do you have questions about our work with environmental monitoring and assessment? Contact us.

Gunnar Carlsson, coordinator (to the left)
gunnar.carlsson@slu.se, tel. +46-(0)18-67 11 45, +46-(0)70-403 29 26
Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health

Anna-Karin Dahlberg, assist. coordinator (to the right) anna.karin.dahlberg@slu.se, tel. +46-(0)18-67 30 52, +46-(0)72-227 64 42
Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Drinking water and health

SLU develops knowledge to support decision makers and the water services industry in their work to achieve safer drinking water and water treatment. Learn from our current knowledge.

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Networks and expert groups

SLU is one of 13 universities forming the Swedish Academic Consortium for Chemical Safety (SwACCS). We also participate in the Toxicological Council (Toxikologiska rådet) of Sweden. Furthermore our experts contribute to the Water JPI Knowledge Hub on Contaminants of Emerging Concern, supporting decision makers and the water services industry in Europe.

SLU is also a node in the newly formed Swedish Environmental Epidemiology Center (SEEC), building on capacities and knowledge of four universities.

Published: 13 December 2022 - Page editor: fomaredaktion@slu.se