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Professional development at SLU for you or your staff

Would you like to develop your professional skills, or are you thinking about overhauling your career? Update your CV by taking one of our courses. Are you an employer seeking to sharpen the skills in your organisation? We offer a variety of courses free of charge, alongside the chance to tailor a course (subject to a fee) based on your organisation’s needs.

Courses for professionals

There are no tuition fees for freestanding courses. If you choose part time distance studies you will be able to take the course alongside your job. View a selection of our freestanding courses or use the course search function to see the entire range of courses and programmes we offer.

Student studying at a computer.

Contract education

SLU wants to promote lifelong learning in order to create a sustainable development for both humans, animals and nature. Contract education are financed by fees. This information is available in swedish only.

Course packages

A course package is a good option if you already know which field you are interested in, but are having trouble choosing between the courses available or would rather not study on an entire programme. A course package includes a number of cohesive courses enabling you to expand your knowledge in a particular field. Once you are admitted to a course package, you are automatically admitted to all the courses included. Choose your course package here.

Students at the Faculty of Forest Sciences at SLU in different environments inside and outside the SLU building on the Umeå campus. Photo by Malin Grönborg


MOOCs (massive online open courses) are online courses that are available to everyone with an unlimited number of places. They usually do not require any prior knowledge and are free of charge. No pre-registration is required and you can start the course at SLU today.

Collage with pictures from SLU activities. This picture may be used to illustrate overall research activities at SLU.

Animal care

Courses offered are ready-made course packages or contract training adapted to the specific needs of the client.

Student finance for transition and retraining

Student finance for transition and retraining is available to help you strengthen your position on the labour market by expanding or furthering your skills set. SLU’s courses and programmes entitle you to student finance for transition and retraining from CSN.

Published: 15 January 2024 - Page editor: plan-webb@slu.se