The SLU Board

Last changed: 10 April 2024

The members of the SLU Board are drawn from commerce, industry and government and also includes representatives for teaching staff, researchers and students. The current board took up office on 1 May 2023 and will serve for 17 months.

Chair and vice-chancellor

Joakim Stymne, photo. Joakim Stymne



Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel, photo.

 Maria Knutson Wedel



Members appointed by the Swedish government

Per Cramér, photoPer Cramér

Gothenburg School of Economics


Bengt Persson

Bengt Persson




Hans Antonsson, photo.Hans Antonsson

Former Managing Director 



Karin Forsberg Nilsson, photo.Karin Forsberg Nilsson




Annika Nordgren Christensson, photo.Annika Nordgren Christensen




Eva Pettersson, photo.Eva Pettersson

Former Managing Director



Ritva Toivonen, photo. Ritva Toivonen

Professor, Helsinki university



Representatives elected by teaching staff and researchers

Lotta Berg, photo

Lotta Berg

Department of Animal Environment and Health, SLU


Ishi Buffam, member of SLU board, photo..
Ishi Buffam

Senior Lecturer
Department of Landscape Architecture, SLU

Göran Spong

Senior Lecturer
Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, SLU


Representatives elected by the student unions

Elliot Eriksson, photo. Elliot Eriksson

Chair Sluss, joint Committee of Student Unions at SLU

Ida Segesten.

Ida Segesten

1:st advisor Sluss, Joint Committe of Student Unions at SLU


Adrien Kroese, member of SLU's board,, photo.Adrien Kroese

Doctoral student


Union representatives

Maja Reizenstein, photo.

Maja Reizenstein

Research assistant


Picture of Roger AnderssonRoger Andersson

Director of Doctoral Studies

Secretary to the SLU Board

Patrik Spånning VesterlundPatrik Spånning Westerlund



Additional representatives with the right to be present

Pär Forslund
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Martin Melkersson
Chief Operating Officer

Inga Astorsdotter
Head of Internal Audit

Maria Bergkvist
Acting Head of Communications

Meeting dates

Contact details


Postal address: SLU:s styrelse, Ledningskansliet, Box 7070, 750 07 Uppsala