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Within SLU's Forests programme there is a wealth of knowledge and experience about both Swedish and international forest-based environmental analysis.

Inka Bohlin and Anna-Lena Axelsson. Portrait photo.

Forests programme

Do you want to get involved with us or do you have questions about our work with environmental monitoring and assessment? Contact us.

Anna-Lena Axelsson, coordinator (to the right)
anna-lena.axelsson@slu.se, tel. +46-(0)90-786 85 91, +46-(0)70-376 21 71
Department of Forest Resource Management, SLU

Inka Bohlin, assist. coordinator (to the left)
inka.bohlin@slu.se, tel. +46(0)90-786 81 06
Department of Forest Resource Management, SLU

Workshop on EU forest monitoring

Take part in the conlusions from the international event hosted by SLU in Uppsala this year: "Workshop towards harmonized forest monitoring and reporting".

Forest at Svartberget Research Station. Photo.

Explore the SLU Forest Maps

Download and use our raster maps with information about Sweden’s woodlands and forests such as volume and tree species.

Official statistics on Forests

Find the latest official statistics about the status and change in Sweden's forests from the Swedish National Forest Inventory.

A man in a forest

Statistics about the status and change in Sweden's forest soils

The Swedish Forest Soil Inventory carries out soil surveys and monitors the soil environmental status.

Published: 21 December 2022 - Page editor: fomaredaktion@slu.se