Published at SLU

Last changed: 02 June 2021

In the databases at the University Library you can search for SLU publications, also popular science.

Search publications in the library databases

Primo is the library search tool and the SLU publication database (SLUpub) covers publications by SLU researchers..

Some popular science publications

Popular science leaflets and series at SLU. They are primarily addressed to different professional and interest groups in society.

Popular publications in print

  • New Insights 2012 and 2013 - a magazine about research and knowledge from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Aqua Reports - from the department of aquatic resources (in Swedish or English)
  • Fakta Skog - Forest Facts. Some of the forest-related leaflets are translated into English.

Popular science on the web

In SLU:s Knowledge bank you can find popular science articles about findings from research and environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA).