Erasmus placement/internship

Last changed: 08 March 2018

If you would like to do an Erasmus placement /internship at SLU

  • The Erasmus coordinator at your home university needs to approve your internship.
  • Contact a department or research group at SLU in the academic field of your interest.

Please note that the Mobility team cannot help students to find a relevant professor or researcher. It is up to the department to get you insured and help you to find accommodation. You can´t take courses and do an internship at the same time due to the rules of the European Commission. Doing an internship doesn´t give you any credits at SLU and you will not be registered as a student.

Veterinary students that wish to do a clinical practice.

SLU mobility team only accepts applications coming from our partner universities.
The clinic is only available during mid-June until mid-August. If SLU has an exchange agreement with the home university the student can apply as an exchange student. More information can be found here.

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