Erasmus+ placement/internship

Last changed: 21 September 2022

If you would like to do an Erasmus+ placement /internship at SLU

  • The Erasmus+ coordinator at your home university needs to approve your internship.
  • Contact a department or research group at SLU in the academic field of your interest.

Erasmus+ Internship (SMP)

The student is NOT registered and will not have student status at SLU, which entails:

  • Students need to find a supervisor at a department
  • Contact person /supervisor has full responsibility of the intern
  • Contact person /supervisor handles all the documents
  • The student organizes accommodation
  • The student will be covered by the Kammarkollegiet insurance for foreign visitors policy The Division of Educational Affairs does not provide service for internship students, except for veterinary students (see below)

The scholarship from the home university will be higher than for Erasmus+ Studies.

The student cannot take courses and do an internship at the same time due to the rules of the European Commission.

Veterinary students that wish to do a clinical practice.

SLU Mobility team only accepts applications coming from our partner universities.

The clinic is only available during mid-June until mid-August. If SLU has an exchange agreement with the home university the student can apply as an exchange student. More information can be found here.

Erasmus+ Studies (SMS)

The student will be formally registered for a course which gives student status at SLU.

This entails the following;

  • Receives credits when the course work is assessed and the department will get financial benefits
  • Will have a student membership which gives full access to social activities, library access and so forth
  • The student is insured through the Student In insurance.
  • SLU Mobility Team handles all the documents

To do an Erasmus+ studies exchange at SLU, your home university needs to have an agreement with SLU and you need to have been selected and nominated by your home university. Contact your home university International Office to initiate the process.