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GCUA 2030

Global Challenges University Alliance is a network of university partners from across the globe with a common vision of contributing to sustainable, global development. GCUA 2030 offers a global learning forum for PhD students and young researchers providing a range of learning and networking activities.

Time to register for the two courses!

Do you want your research to contribute to making the world a better place? Would you like to interact with doctoral students from all over the world? If yes, you should sign up for one or both of the GCUA 2030 PhD courses this fall.

  • Education for sustainable development: Teaching for sustainability 
  • Designing research with impact using the Theory of Change approach

Enrollment open for GCUA 2030 Climate Action Challenge!

Several GCUA 2030 partners are currently developing a Climate Action Challenge. Students will engage in a case study activity as part of an international and interdisciplinary group, in which they will develop a Nature-based Solution (NbS) for a specific location and socio-ecological system to mitigate climate change and/or the effects of climate change.

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"It will be an opportunity to meet partners in person..."

To strengthen our network and feature the great outcomes of GCUA 2030 activities, we would like to share a quote from one of the member universities, this time from Ida Andersson-Norrie, Örebro University, about the upcoming GCUA 2030/STINT meeting in January 2024.

GCUA 2030 award

GCUA 2030 is proud to announce the GCUA 2030 award. The award is established to encourage high quality research of relevance for sustainable global development.

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GCUA 2030 Climate Action Challenge

GCUA 2030 Climate Action Challenge will develop the interdisciplinary teamwork skills and intercultural competence of the participants.

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Mentorship programme

The mentorship programme will allow for cross-cultural exchange and learning between mentors and mentees, in depth dialogues on a range of aspects related to academic career development.

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Course package within GCUA 2030

GCUA 2030 will offer four PhD courses running in 2023. The courses can be taken as a full package or as individual courses.

  1. Working and communicating across cultures 
  2. Agenda 2030: Synergies, conflicts, and assessment tools
  3. Education for sustainable development: Teaching for sustainability 
  4. Designing research with impact using the Theory of Change approach 

Interesting news for GCUA 2030

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A global learning forum for sustainable development

The overall goal of GCUA 2030 is to enhance the capacity of its partners to contribute to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through international collaboration. The network is funded by STINT 2021-2023. 

A key objective is to equip the next generation of researchers, teachers and academic leaders with knowledge, tools and networks that will strengthen their capacity to work across disciplines and to conduct translational research.

The network offers different types of learning activities designed to accommodate and be attractive to students from different educational systems. 

Published: 07 September 2023 - Page editor: agnes.bondesson@slu.se