SLU locations in Sweden

Last changed: 15 September 2022
A map of Sweden with markings for all the places where SLU has activities.

SLU is mainly located at Uppsala, Alnarp, Umea and Skara, but education, research activities and environmental monitoring and assessment are carried out throughout the country.

SLU's larger locations

On the webpages for each larger SLU location you can find more information about the site, how to go there and how to find your way around.

SLU's real estates

SLU's Division of Real Estate Management has a map with all SLU's real estates marked.



To be seen at SLU

Here are some locations that might be of interest for visitors.

Vindeln and Ätnarova Experimental Forests

Vindeln and Ätnarova Experimental Forests with Svartberget Research Station.

Alnarp park

A visit to the park is a rewarding experience at any time of year. A rich palette of colours is displayed in summer and the beautiful forms of bare trees – sometimes snow-clad – are revealed in winter. Read more about the park here

Welcome to the Knowledge Park at SLU Uppsala

The Knowledge Park is a demonstration facility for teaching and research at SLU in Uppsala, but it is also a space for recreation and inspiration – open to all. To the Knowledge Park


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