Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Biodiversity programme

We monitor and analyse the state and trends of Swedish biodiversity, to  support efforts to achieve the Swedish environmental objectives regarding biodiversity. We also provide a basis for monitoring of compliance with the Biodiversity Convention, the EC Habitats and Birds Directives and Sweden's other international biodiversity commitments.

Pavel Bína (to the left) and Eddie von Wachenfeldt (to the right). Photos.

Biodiversity programme

Do you want to get involved with us or do you have questions about our work with environmental monitoring and assessment? Get in touch.

Pavel Bína, coordinator (to the left), +46-(0)18-673406
Swedish Species Information Centre

Eddie von Wachenfeldt, assist. coordinator (to the right), +46-(0)18-672241
Department of Aquatic Resources and Swedish Species Information Centre

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