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Webinar: Securing sustainable access to aquatic foods

Webinar: Securing sustainable access to aquatic foods aquaculture@slu.se Welcome to a webinar with focus on sustainable production and harvesting of “aquatic foods”, that is fish, invertebrates and

Genetic mapping of Arctic charr – an important step for Swedish aquaculture

The Swedish breeding program for Arctic charr has been run successfully for almost forty years. Historically, breeding has been based on classic selection methods where breeding fish are selected

Seminar on how to strengthen Swedish aquaculture

Seminar on how to strengthen Swedish aquaculture aquaculture@slu.se The Swedish Board of Agriculture will tell about their role in strengthening Swedish aquaculture and together with Matfiskodlarna

Worrying discovery of nanoplastics in remote forest waters

Nanoplastics – tiny, invisible plastic particles that could hardly be measured previously – have now been detected in high concentrations in lakes, streams and ponds in Sweden, and also in


Interested in knowing more about how SLU contributes to the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC)? Please get in touch with any of the persons listed below. Experts in "Kunskapsrådet" for BSSC at SLU The

Prophylaxis of infectious diseases in fish, shrimp and pigs

Seminar: Prophylaxis of infectious diseases in fish, shrimp and pigs aquaculture@slu.se Welcome to this seminar with invited guests from Ghent University! The program covers both aquatic and

Greenhouse gas emission from wetlands increases when microbes are disturbed

Wetlands are the greatest source of nitrous oxide (N2O) that is not only a very potent greenhouse gas but also an ozone depleter. The rate of N2O emission depends on the microbes in the soil. A new

SLU highlight knowledge on groundwater during the World Water Day

Today is March 22 and the World Water Day, this year with a focus on groundwater: "make the invisible visible". At SLU, we pay a little extra attention to water issues and their role in the global

Novel insights into the welfare of farmed fish

Just like pigs, chicken and cows, farmed fish are protected by Swedish animal welfare legislation, but there is a great lack of knowledge about how fish should be kept, cared for, handled and finally

de mörka sjöarnas klimathjälte

Life from microbes to vertebrates has evolved countless solutions to colonize practically every imaginable part of Earth. Among the less familiar evolutionary innovators is a sturdy fish, Eurasian

Matfiskodlarna supports research on fish farming in freshwater

There is a great need for more knowledge within Swedish fish farming. As a result, the industry organization Matfiskodlarna chooses to support research on farmed salmonids at the Swedish University

New call for funding within One Health

If you are interested in interdisciplinary research with a future perspective, you can apply for funding from SLU Future One Health. The aim of the call is to support SLU researchers in