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Nordic conference on co-location of marine industries

Nordic conference on co-location of marine industries aquaculture@slu.se Focusing on offshore renewable energy, fisheries and aquaculture, this conference will highlight the opportunities and

Aquaculture researcher's meeting

Aquaculture researcher's meeting 2024 aquaculture@slu.se Welcome to a research meeting to enhance collaboration and networking within the aquaculture researcher’s community in Sweden. The target

Harnessing epigenetics to induce robustness in rainbow trout (EpiTrout)

The EpiTrout project aims to develop a stress-management strategy employing epigenetics as a tool to induce robustness in farmed rainbow trout to sustain profitable production in the light of climate

Increased resilience for sustainable Arctic char farming (ResiChar)

Climate change poses a threat to the sustainable growth of Arctic char farming, which in Sweden is mainly conducted in cold water areas in the north. The ResiChar project aims to strengthen Swedish

SLU efterlyser fler hummerfiskare i Bohuslän, Halland och Skåne

For the fourth year in a row, researchers at SLU are turning to the public to gain better knowledge of the distribution and status of lobster stocks along the Swedish west coast. For three weeks in

From healthy food to junk food

The northern landscapes are warming twice as fast as the Earth’s average because of climate change. This impacts lake ecosystem functions. Researchers have noticed changes in lake food webs. In many

Efter 40 år: ny forskning om vattenkraftens påverkan på reglerade sjöar

Most of the larger lakes in northern Sweden (Norrland) are regulated lakes or power plant reservoirs. They are crucial for Sweden's electricity production, but also heavily influenced by hydropower.

One Health Day 2024

Save the date! One Health Day 2024 futureonehealth@slu.se On 15 October, SLU Future One Health will host a One Health Day event. Are you interested in interdisciplinary research and working methods

Morning Coffee with Illumina

Morning Coffee with Illumina vattenmiljo-webb@slu.se Illumina would like to present their newest XLEAP SBS technology and give a refresher on its portfolio and applications. Presenters Edyta

SLU testar trålkamera – för att minska fiskfångsten

By installing a stereo video camera in the trawl, researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences want to reduce the need for trawling in acoustic fish surveys. The technology is now


ASIAN-PACIFIC AQUACULTURE 2024 aquaculture@slu.se Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2024 will be the next chance for the international aquaculture community to visit Indonesia and see the rapidly expanding

Boosting the reproductive performance of Arctic charr using high-throughput sequencing technologies

The project will identify the main causes affecting male fertility and assess to which degree they explain the low reproductive performance in Arctic charr farmed in Sweden. Multiple parameters will