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Fish farming in the North - a food production with environmental potential

The project aims to investigate if and how rainbow trout and Arctic charr can be farmed sustainably in hydropower dams in northern Sweden from a biological, ecological, social and economical

National Aquaculture Conference 2024: Compensatory fish farming, climate and the way forward in focus

The 2024 National Aquaculture Conference, this time in Umeå, gathered more than 100 participants – all with an interest in aquaculture; from farmers, researchers and processors to authorities and

Save the rainforest with oil and protein from yeast

Yeast protein and yeast oil produced from wood and straw cellulose can be used as alternative protein and fat sources in fish feed. Aquaculture is a rapidly growing industry and fish is an important

reed feed

Reed is now turned into animal feed with an extra environmental benefit – reed harvest can also reduce eutrophication in our waters, according to researchers at SLU. Several measures, as for example

Water seminar SIWI SIANI

"As the climate crisis unfolds, farmers across the world face growing problems with droughts and floods. Erratic rainfall patterns and extreme weather events will only get worse and require a greater

Water for food security in global and local climate change

Water security is essential for all life on earth, and not least for food security and sustainable food production. Jennie Barron, Professor within agricultural water management, emphasise the

SLU söker sportfiskare som vill fiska för forskning

Some species of fish, such as pike and trout, are difficult to catch with the nets and fyke nets normally used in fish monitoring. Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences now

Larvi 2024

Larvi 2024: 8th Fish & Shellfish Larviculture Symposium aquaculture@slu.se Most welcome to Larvi 2024, the 8th Fish and Shellfish Larviculture Symposium 9 to 12 September at Ghent University,

Halvtidsseminarium om sanering av förorenad

Halftime seminar on on removal of PFASs in groundwater using on-site remediation technologies vattenmiljo-webb@slu.se On Tuesday 19 March 2024, Oscar Skirfors will present his ongoing PhD work in a

“Remediation of headwater streams is the missing link”

Agricultural headwaters are everywhere but at the same time much overlooked, despite their important role in regulating functions and quality of downstream ecosystems. They are often seen as passive


Interested in the Baltic Sea? Discover all about it at the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC) at Skansen, Stockholm, or join our digital events. SLU proudly contributes to the content of the

Common murres and heatwaves

More extreme and prolonged heat waves can cause seabirds to lose their eggs and chicks. Many species of seabirds nest during the hottest summer months, exposed on rocks and beaches. This renders them