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News for SLU students

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New master course: Act Local, Think Global

The world meets here - in Malmö and Nairobi! Join this special course, a collaboration to lay the foundation for the IFLA World Congress 2023 in collaboration between Kenya and Sweden. This Masters

Pod episode about aquaculture

More than two thirds of our planet is covered by water; oceans, lakes and rivers. Aquaculture, farming of animals and plants in water, thus has great potential to provide us with food for the future.

How to make scientific writing easy

During November-December 2022, the research school “Focus on food and biomaterials” organized a course for PhD students entitled “How to write and publish a scientific paper in molecular sciences” (5

Our PhD students learn more about food- and biomaterial-related activities in Scandinavia

In October 2022, several PhD students from the research school “Focus on food and biomaterials” at SLU visited several companies and organizations in Sweden and Denmark, which are working with food

Webinar series continues to discuss urban forests

The digital series about urban forests that started in September 2021 returns this fall with three new webinars. – This autumn we have managed to once again put together a mix of speakers with

Students are finally back on campus

On Monday, we welcomed both new and existing students to our campuses around Sweden. Many were both nervous and excited. We met with five of them who shared their thoughts and expectations about

SLU and Stockholm+50

SLU contributes to the UN high-level meeting Stockholm + 50 in several ways. The university management has participated in preparatory leadership dialogues, and representatives of SLU will

Getting our cities right: From critical urbanities to sustainable foodscapes

Our ever-growing urban areas are both responsible for the sustainability problems we face as a global community, as well as powerhouses for change. It is therefore crucial that we get urban areas on

djurforsok eng

A new version of djurforsok.info was recently launched. The website is a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and eight institutions of higher education, including SLU – the Swedish

English THE Impact rank 2022

SLU is among the 301–400 best universities in the world when Times Higher Education ranks the world’s higher education institutions based on their contributions to the sustainable development goals.

Tortalk Text-to-speech – App now available!

The speech synthesis program TorTalk, since earlier accessible for all SLU students and employees as a desktop application, is now available in app version for Android and iOS. TorTalk supports both


Annika Bergman received her Higher Education Diploma in Agricultural and Rural Management (Lantmästare) from SLU in 1992. Today, Annika is Managing Director at Hushållningssällskapet Halland, with a