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Domestic and wild animals

At SLU, research is conducted into disease, health and behaviour of animals. One person in three in Sweden has daily contact with various pets.

Farm animals, such as cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, hens and geese, are important in food production. The reindeer is of great economic value to the Samí people. Grazing husbandry animals also have an impact on the Swedish landscape. At SLU, the wild animal research includes wildlife dynamics connected to feeding, ecological aspects on animal transfers and feeding, interactions between animals and plants, the effects of climate change on animals, humans and ecosystems. Wildlife management includes carnivore issues and hunting. Wildlife damage centre, situated in Grimsö, is a part of SLU.

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Reports and pubications in Swedish and English. Slutrapport Rovdjursangrepps påverkan på landsbygdsföretagens ekonomi. Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet - Nationellt centrum för djurvälfärd och Institutionen för ekonomi. 2015-08-25 ...


Metabolic imbalance impairs bovine fertility

Photo: Denise Laskowski Metabolic imbalance impairs fertility, because changes in concentrations of metabolites and hormones in the blood and follicular fluid create an unfavourable environment for early embryonic development. Insulin is a key metabolic ...


Colostrum and milk proteins

Photo: stux, Pixabay Administration of colostrum to the newborn calf before gut closure is pivotal to its health, because of the transfer of passive immunity. Traditionally, passive immunity has been attributed to the transfer of immunoglobulins although ...


Wild opportunities with rabbit genetics

Photo: Carl-Gustav Thulin After domestication, wild progenitors, such as the aurochs and the wild horse, became extinct. For the European rabbit, however, ancestral, domestic, and feral populations exist. During domestication of the rabbit, very few ...


Cartilage lesions in feline stifle joints

Photo: Charles Ley Feline stifle osteoarthritis (OA) is common, however little is known about the early stages of the disease. Furthermore, the importance of small articular mineralizations (AMs) in feline stifle OA is controversial. This study aimed ...


Lame or not lame? - that is the question

Photo: Johan Bergström Recent studies evaluating horses in training and considered free from lameness by their owners have identified a large proportion of horses with motion asymmetries. However the prevalence, type and magnitude of asymmetries when ...


Disease prevalence in European organic dairy herds

Photo: Kapa65, Pixabay The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of production disease related indicators on 192 organic dairy farms in Germany, Spain, France and Sweden. The following indicators were used: raised somatic cell count (>100,000 ...


Effects of the DMRT3 gene differ between racing breeds

Photo: Robert Fegraeus The Swedish-Norwegian Coldblooded trotter (CBT) is a local horse breed in Sweden and Norway mainly used for harness racing. Previous studies have shown that a mutation from cytosine (C) to adenine (A) in the doublesex and mab-3 ...

Jane Morrell.jpg

Climate affects bull sperm quality

Photo: Karin Selin-Wretling The aim of the present study was to evaluate the possible effects of climate factors on sperm quality of Holstein dairy bulls housed in northern Spain. Semen samples from 11 Holstein dairy bulls were collected and cryopreserved ...


Merging pedigree databases can reduce inbreeding in dogs

Photo: itent, Pixabay Merging pedigree databases across countries may improve the ability of kennel organizations to monitor genetic variability and health-related issues of pedigree dogs. We used data provided by the Société Centrale Canine (France), ...


Identification of inverted teat candidate genes in sows

Photo: aitoff, Pixabay The number of functional teats is an important selection criterion in pig breeding. Inherited defects of the udder, such as the inverted teat, do have a considerable negative impact on the nursing ability of the sow. To investigate ...


Closed cervix associated with more severe pyometra

Photo: Ragnvi Hagman Pyometra, a life-threatening bacterial infection of the uterus, is classified as open or closed depending on the functional patency of the cervix i.e. presence or absence of vaginal discharge. In closed cervix pyometra, pus and ...

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