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Cell biology

Cell biology is about the structure, function and regulation of cells and interactions between cells in tissues and organs.

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MicroRNA indicate metastasis in canine mammary cancer

Cancer cells in lymph node, a metastasis from a canine mammary tumor. Photo: Eva Hellmén MicroRNAs may act as oncogenes or tumour suppressor genes, which make these small molecules potential diagnostic/prognostic factors and targets for anticancer ...


Evaluation of hematology instrument shows shortages

Erroneous neutrophil and lymphocyte counts from analysis of feline blood samples were transferred directly into the hospital information system from the ProCyte Dx hematology instrument in our after-hours laboratory. Errors usually were not detected ...


Solution to plant breeding barrier coming closer

Pollen in anthers. Photo: Germán Martínez A major obstacle for plant breeders around the world is that the endosperm does not develop normally in seeds from crosses of plants that differ in chromosome number. Claudia Köhler"s lab at SLU has investigated ...


Genotype and environment interplay in crop production

Major research activities focus on the production ecology and resource use efficiency of agricultural crops and the genetic basis of the underlying crop traits. Projects - Optimized Utilisation of Salix - OPTUS - Alternative uses of Salix wood as raw ...


The genetics behind starch and dietary fibre storage in barley seeds is revealed

Barley plant. Photo: Chuanxin Sun How much of photosynthetic products that are channelled into starch and fructan (a type of dietary fibre) in a barley seed is controlled by a single gene. An international research team, with its base at SLU, has now ...


The growth of puzzle piece-shaped leaf cells gets an explanation

Illustration of jigsaw puzzle shaped epidermal cells of a leaf. The coffee bean shaped structures are the stomata. Illustration: Mateusz Majda The cells in the outmost layer of leaves have irregular shapes, which help them to interlock with each other ...


Claudia Köhler elected member of EMBO

Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) has elected the new members of the year. Claudia Köhler, professor at SLU's Department of Plant Biology in Uppsala, is one of the European researchers that are honoured ...

Doreen Schwochow

Doreen Schwochow-Thalmann

Presentation - I am a PhD student in the lab of Leif Andersson jointly supervised by Michéle Tixier-Boichard at INRA, France. I am enrolled in the 'European Graduate School of Animal Breeding and Genetics' (EGS-ABG), supported by an Erasmus Mundus ...


Metabolic imbalance impairs bovine fertility

Photo: Denise Laskowski Metabolic imbalance impairs fertility, because changes in concentrations of metabolites and hormones in the blood and follicular fluid create an unfavourable environment for early embryonic development. Insulin is a key metabolic ...

Jane Morrell.jpg

Climate affects bull sperm quality

Photo: Karin Selin-Wretling The aim of the present study was to evaluate the possible effects of climate factors on sperm quality of Holstein dairy bulls housed in northern Spain. Semen samples from 11 Holstein dairy bulls were collected and cryopreserved ...


Synovial fluid lubricant altered in osteoarthritic joints

Photo: bernswaelz, Pixabay The glycoprotein lubricin contributes to the boundary lubrication of the articular cartilage surface. The early events of osteoarthritis involve the superficial layer where lubricin is synthesised. The objective of the present ...


PCR or bacterial culture to identify cause of IMI?

PCR or bacterial culture to identify cause of IMI? - Real-time PCR analysis of milk samples is a fast method to identify intramammary infections (IMI) in dairy cows, and has the potential to be used for routine analysis of test milking composite milk ...

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