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Animal science

Animal science includes the anatomy, fysiology, behavoiur, breeding, feeding and management of animals that are under the control of humankind. The animals studied are livestock species and also companion animals like dogs and cats, and many exotic species. 

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Test of new biomarker to differentiate intestinal disease from cancer in cats

Tumor diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are difficult to diagnose and often lead to great suffering for our pets. The incidence of cancer gastrointestinal lymphoma (GI lymphoma) in cats has

Website of EURCAW- Ruminants & Equines launched

The Centre is coordinated by SLU/SCAW and the work is performed together with several European partners. For more information and material, go to the website EURCAW Ruminants & Equines – – (

Previous courses

Here you will find information on previous courses.

EFSA reports and other material concerning fish slaugther

Here you find links to reports concerning fish slaughter Fish welfare in European Aquaculture Welfare of farmed fish Knowledge gaps and research needs for the welfare of farmed fish Statement of the

Reports from the Scientific Council for Animal Welfare

Here you can find reports from the Scientific Council for Animal Welfare. The reports are based on the opinions, they are written in Swedish but have an English summary. Rapport 2021:5 The Scientific

EFSA reports

EFSAs' reports about animal welfare at the time of slauther and killing Here you will find links to EFSAs' reports related to animal welfare at slaughter and killing: Slaughter of animals: poultry

More material from courses and seminars

Nordic Workshop on on-farm killing of poultry, 3 May 2018 PowerPoint presentations: Killing poultry for disease control. Practical experience in The Netherlands. (Marien Gerritzen) On farm killing of

Previous projects

SCAW has previously participated in several projects and collaborations. You can find a short summary of them here.

Reference groups

SCAW is represented in several working and reference groups. SCAW has representatives in: The Ministry of Trade and Industry's national animal welfare network The Ministry of Trade and Industry's


In Sweden, just over 300,000 wild birds are ringed annually. When birds are ringed, the procedure include several steps that can involve both discomfort and stress for the birds. In addition, during

Optimal light environment for laying hens

Vision is the laying hens´ most important sense that guides them in their daily activities such as finding food, recognizing fellow birds and move around safely in more complex housing systems. Birds

LIFE Ammonia

Sustainable milk production through reduction of on-farm ammonia losses Ammonia is a gas which can cause damage to the environment through eutrophication and acidification of the ground and water.