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Animal science

Animal science includes the anatomy, fysiology, behavoiur, breeding, feeding and management of animals that are under the control of humankind. The animals studied are livestock species and also companion animals like dogs and cats, and many exotic species. 

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Our mission

SCAW was established in 2008 with the aim to support research and education within animal welfare. The Government instructed SLU to form SCAW: "In order to gather the country's expertise and

avd Bio

Our section works in bioinformatics research, we combine computer sciences, statistics, mathematics and engineering to analyze and interpret biological data. Bioinformatics is crucial for the



Research at the Section of Molecular Genetics Research at the Section of Bioinformatics The purpose of molecular genetic research is to understand how the various components of the genome work at



Research at the Section of Quantitative Genetics Research at the Section of Applied Genetics Quantitative genetics involves genetic analysis and interpretation of data for so-called complex traits

Hälsan hos svenska ridskolehästar påverkas av inhysningssystem

We compared welfare measures of horses among Swedish riding schools (RS) during winter where horses were kept either in group housing (n = 8) or in tie-stalls/boxes (n = 8). Health data for six

Är utfodring med färskfoder en risk för hundägaren?

The practice of feeding raw meat-based diets (RMBD) to dogs has increased in popularity in recent years. However, RMBD are based on offal that has not undergone any type of treatment to reduce the


ProRefine is a new research project that aims to gain knowledge about local production of protein feed for monogastric animals in organic farming. The project will use two approaches to fractionate

Alexis Michenet

Alexis Michenet

I am in charge of International genetic and genomic evaluations at Interbull Centre and involved in dairy and beef activities. Genetic data analysist Involved in several Interbull ressearch

NordCAW 2019

NordCAW seminar about Animal welfare for wild animals Animal welfare can be defined as an animal's psychological and physical state, which may vary from good to bad. Special attention has been paid

Torun Wallgren

Torun Wallgren

I am a PhD student at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, Divison of Environment, Care and Herd Health in Skara. I work with research, especially about pigs' behavior. My doctoral

Torun Wallgren

Torun Wallgren

I am a PhD studet at the department of Animal Environment and Health, Division of Environment, Care and Herd Health i Skara, Sweden. I work with research, primarily concerning pig management and

Seminar on Natural distasters and animal welfare

On June 4, 2019, the Swedish Center for Animal Welfare, SCAW, organizes a seminar focusing on natural disasters and its impact on animals and their welfare. How can we prepare for disasters such as