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Landscape planning and architecture

Landscape planning and landscape architecture include design and management of landscapes, i.e. cultural or natural land areas, urban as well as rural.

Landscape planning and architecture are also connected to architecture, ecology, environmental psychology, sociology, environmental communication and system theory.

Landscape planning is also a branch within forestry and includes road and cutting planning etc.

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Our Hub Coordinator at Ultuna

SLU Urban Futures' regional hub at Ultuna, located at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, is coordinated by Andrew Gallagher. Andrew is also coordinator of Food & Cities, a collaborative

SLU at ITD24 in November

The Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity (ITD) was founded in 2019, with a mission to strengthen and promote the global capacity of boundary-crossing research and practice. SLU Urban

International symposium at Alnarp about managing public spaces

June 3–5, the subject group Landscape governance and management at SLU organizes an international symposium on management of the public spaces, which is aimed at researchers as well as practitioners.

Coastal perspectiuves

Coastal Perspectives – an exhibition on the challenges and possibilities in the ever-changing coastal landscapes anni.hoffren@slu.se Opening of the exhibition Coastal Perspectives at the Pufendorf

Getting Our Cities Right #4 – shaping our future urbanscapes

Our future depends on ‘Getting Our Cities Right!’ On 18-19 November 2024, SLU Urban Futures and ITD Alliance invite you to take part in shaping our future urbanscapes. This means engaging with the

Getting Our Cities Right #4

Getting Our Cities Right #4 – shaping our future urbanscapes urbanfutures@slu.se Our future depends on ‘Getting Our Cities Right!’ On 18th-19th November 2024, SLU Urban Futures invites you to

Urban forests: Governance & Management of Urban Forests

Governance & Management of Urban Forests - introducing Nature-based Thinking urbanfutures@slu.se The concept of Nature-based Thinking embodies the perspective of nature with people, rather than

Welcome to I.A.M. Public Space Symposium 2024

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se The Second Managing Public Space Symposium brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from across the globe with a focus on the management of public

ÅA2024 - EN

Johan Folkesson, chief architect at Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) got his degree from SLU’s Landscape Architecture programme in 2015. In his role, Johan has designed and driven

New forms of collaboration and learning are being tested in Malmö

At the Botildenborg site, situated on the outskirts of Rosengård in Malmö, the Botildenborg Foundation operates a farm and meeting place. Here, urban farming converges with a spectrum of social

Student design competition in Umeå is now open

The student design competition arranged by SLU Urban Futures, in co-operation with Umeå municipality, has been launched on Canvas. Students in the field of Landscape Architecture and sustainable

Samarbetspartners externt

SLU Horticulture’s partners outside SLU. Sveriges Hortonomförbund Trädgårdsingenjörernas riksförbund LRF Trädgård International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) The Unit for Collaboration and