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Landscape planning and architecture

Landscape planning and landscape architecture include design and management of landscapes, i.e. cultural or natural land areas, urban as well as rural.

Landscape planning and architecture are also connected to architecture, ecology, environmental psychology, sociology, environmental communication and system theory.

Landscape planning is also a branch within forestry and includes road and cutting planning etc.

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Contact a researcher

Do you want to get in touch with a researcher? Do you have a question about water and fish? We hope you will find the right person to ask below! SLU Departments Several of SLU’s departments have

Critical Plant Studies: Re-imaginings of vegetal life

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se Now accepting applications for PhD course: Critical Plant Studies: Re-imaginings of vegetal life This 5 credit PhD course will provide students with cutting edge

Listen to Human Land Podcast episode 4

In a live hybrid podcast hosted during the SLU Landscape days, four researchers from SLU Landscape discussed their perspectives on interdisciplinary landscape research for a sustainable society. By

Food and Landscape

Campus Alnarp Campus Alnarp is located in a large park surrounded by agricultural fields close to the sea between Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. There is so much for students to explore here.

SLU Landscape's Call for ideas has been selected

Three projects has been selected in SLU Landscape's Call for ideas 2022/2023: Landscape architecture as a CLIMATE ACTOR This year’s CFI asked for ideas to showcase landscape architecture’s agency to

SLU Landscape

A cross-institutional network for collaboration and joint profiling of work done in the landscape area at SLU. One of the largest environments for research and teaching in landscape architecture in

Our newsletters

SLU Water Forum sends out newsletters twice a year. Below you will find our previous letters. The first one came in the autumn 2020. SLU Water Forum newsletter autumn 2022 . We write about new water


Interested in the Baltic Sea? Discover all about it at the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC) located at Skansen, Stockholm, or join our digital events. SLU proudly contributes to the content of the


Interested in knowing more about how SLU contributes to the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC)? Please get in touch with any of the persons listed below. Experts in "Kunskapsrådet" for BSSC at SLU The

PhD course: Researching Landscape Governance

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se Join us for a few days of learnings and discussions of landscape governance research. Use this course to gain further insights into your own project- and build upon your

Videos about water

At SLU, we conduct research on water in forest, agricultural and urban landscapes, drinking water, reuse and cycling of water, aquatic and fish ecology in lakes, watercourses and seas, bio economy,

Therapeutic landscapes

This project examines possibilities for planning and use of nearby green/blue spaces beyond the ‘lush season’, to extend access to their benefits as ‘therapeutic landscapes’ throughout the year.