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Landscape planning and architecture

Landscape planning and landscape architecture include design and management of landscapes, i.e. cultural or natural land areas, urban as well as rural.

Landscape planning and architecture are also connected to architecture, ecology, environmental psychology, sociology, environmental communication and system theory.

Landscape planning is also a branch within forestry and includes road and cutting planning etc.

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SLU Landscape days: registration open

Take the opportunity to meet fellow colleagues in the landscape field at SLU Landscape days. Last day to register is October 3. The SLU Landscape days 2023 will take place in Ultuna on October 11-12.

New call for seed funding in the Food-Energy-Water nexus

The SLU Urban Futures Ultuna Hub issues seed funding grants to SLU employees to initiate and develop research connected to Food-Energy-Water nexus in the urban context. The call closes on the 20th of

SLU Urban Futures' Ultuna Hub works with Food Planning

Urban Food Planning has emerged as an important topic in the work of SLU Urban Futures’ Ultuna Hub connected to the Foodscapes theme. As part of these topics, SLU Urban Futures is engaged in a number

Food and Landscape

Campus Alnarp Campus Alnarp is located in a large park surrounded by agricultural fields close to the sea between Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. There is so much for students to explore here.

Landscape governance talk

catherine.kihlstrom@slu.se “Urban landscape governance and Global south perspectives” Welcome to a new Landscape governance talk with Geovana Mercado and Lisbeth Christoffersen who will talk about:

Our Hub Coordinator at Ultuna

SLU Urban Futures' regional hub at Ultuna, located at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, is coordinated by Andrew Gallagher. Andrew is also coordinator of Food & Cities, a collaborative

Our Hub Coordinator in Alnarp

SLU Urban Futures' regional hub in Alnarp is coordinated by Amanda Gabriel. She works to develop SLU’s capacities and potential in the field of urban health, and is the contact person for the

PhD’s Forum

SLU Landscape’s PhD’s Forum introduces an innovative setting for Landscape PhD students to exchange experiences, working methods and raise awareness and openness towards the multi-disciplinary wealth

“Chávez Ravine” - movie with roundtable discussion

During the SLU Landscape day in October 2021, the PhD forum watched a movie called “Chávez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story” and held a roundtable discussion. We watched a movie called “Chávez Ravine: A

PhD writing retreat

PhD Forum organized a writing retreat in Gothenburg in November, 2022. PhD Forum planned a 2-day trip to Gothenburg with the idea of gathering PhD fellows from both Alnarp (LAPF and IMS) and Ultuna.

Staying hopeful in challenging climates: reflections and projections

PhD Forum held a seminar with Andrea Kahn, designCONTENT/SLU Urban Futures & SLU Landscape on December 7, 2022. “ How to stay hopeful and energized as young researchers working in between social- and

How to get a private life and a PhD

During the SLU Landscape day in April 2022, the PhD forum held a discussion around how to manage a private life and a PhD. The PhD Forum facilitated a work-life balance discussion which was attended