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Zoology is the branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom, including zoophysiology, morphology, ornithology and entomology.

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Jonas Victorsson

Jonas Victorsson

I am interested in community ecology, conservation biology, and sensory ecology Presentation - My thesis work focused on community assembly and spatial ecology in saproxylic Coleoptera and involved both controlled experiments and studies of natural ...


23 snow leopards have displayed their way of life

Snow leopard. Photo: Örjan Johansson With the help of GPS data from collared snow leopards, research on this enigmatic carnivore has made great progress over the past nine years. One of the foreground figures in this work is Örjan Johansson, who has ...

Håkan Sand

Håkan Sand

For more information about Håkan, visit the Swedish page. Read more about: Biology Ecology Natural science Fish and wildlife management Zoology Center for fish and wildlife research (CFW) Center for Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring (WRAM) Wild Life ...


Unveiling the ghost of the mountain

Photo: Snow Leopard Trust Minisymposium on snow leopard biology and conservation and the international effort to secure the future for this elusive cat often referred to as the ghost of the mountain. The symposium is organized by the Center for Fish ...

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

We have central role in the monitoring of inland surface waters in Sweden. Our strength is the combination of research and environmental assessment. 0612200693 0612200693 Lakes and watercourses - As part of our ongoing environmental assesment, we have ...

vit aelg300.jpg

DNA from white moose tested at SLU

White moose. Photo: Tage Bäck The story about the white moose in the county of Värmland in Sweden has during the last days gone viral on social media around the world. A research team from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) will ...


Wildlife and predators

Our research provides a scientific basis for the management of Swedish wildlife and predators. Information is needed on how the animals live and where in Sweden they are found, alongside biological studies. We also conduct research on people"s attitudes ...

Ingemar Ahlén

Ingemar Ahlén

More information about Ingemar Ahlén in Swedish. Read more about: Ecology Zoology Department of Ecology Contact Extern resurs at the Department of Ecology; Conservation Biology Unit E-mail: Postal address: Inst för Ekologi, Box ...


Grimsö Wildlife Research Station

Lars Jäderberg tracks a roedeer from the special equipped car, within the Wildlife Monitoring programme at Grimsö Research Station (department of Ecology). Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner Grimsö Wildlife Research Station is located in Bergslagen, Lindesberg ...


Biodiversity laboratory

We analyze the spices composition and biomass of aquatic organisms in lakes and streams. The information is used to assess the quality of the waters and habitats, as well as various indicator organisms and the impact of environmental perturbations to ...

Hans Nilsson

Hans C Nilsson

Head of Secretariat for Selective Fishing, Head of infrastructure Institute of Marine Research Teaching - Principles of Fisheries Science Research - Fishing gear research Impacts of fishing on benthic ecosystems Benthic ecology Enviromental analysis ...

Behavioral games and conflict

Behavioral games and conflict

Welcome to Grimsö and a day with seminars on the theme: the utility of behavioral games for understanding conservation conflicts Behavioural games are experiments designed to explore how people actually behave in strategic interactions. We have invited ...

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