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Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies

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Young people engage in sustainable forestry

Africa has the youngest population in the world and is also a continent that faces serious challenges in driving sustainable development and managing the forests for the future. AfricanYouth4Forests

We develop new ways to benefit biodiversity

Biodiversity is threatened – both locally and globally. To protect and restore degraded ecosystems we need knowledge. Our research focus on increasing our understanding of how different types of

Teaching and Supervision

We actively contribute towards teaching in ecology, evolution, conservation and biostatistics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Courses include: Monitoring biodiversity for Science and


Our Focus We focus on applying ecological theory and methods to address conservation, public health and management questions. A great emphasis is laid on experimental design, theory, using basic and


Lab members Dr. Navinder J Singh (Lab Leader) Collaborators Dr. Aurelio Malo (Univ. of Alcala, Madrid) Prof. Göran Ericsson (SLU) Dr. Sumanta Bagchi (Indian Institute of Science) Dr. Per Stenberg,

Human dimensions of fish and wildlife management

Today, managing wildlife and working with nature-related issues rests on more than a knowledge of ecology, it also requires a knowledge of humans! In the course Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife

Fish and wildlife management

What are the success stories of fish and wildlife management? What are the current challenges? After finishing the course, you will be able to plan the sustainable management of selected fish and

Quantitative Ecology Lab

Addressing ecological, conservation and evolutionary challenges using novel methods, models, data and analyses

Animal ecology

We aim at understanding the ecology of animals and their role in the structure and functioning of the socio-ecological systems they inhabit. Our empirical and theoretic work encompasses topics such

Upplev regnskogens återkomst med SLU

In north-eastern Borneo, one of the world's largest rainforest replanting projects is underway with the aim of restoring the entire ecosystem. Researchers from SLU are working there to create the


Research at SLU develops knowledge about the biological natural resources and man’s management and sustainable use of them. Water is an integrated and important part of this work and SLU has

Medals for Distinguished Service to Blokhuis, Garcia-Gil and Bertram

SLU annually awards three Medals for Distinguished Service. This year the Great Medal is awarded to Professor Harry Blokhuis. The smaller Gold Medal is awarded to Associate Professor Rosario