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Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies

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Predator sound playbacks reduce crop damage on agricultural fields

A new study by SLU shows that predator sound playbacks can keep ungulates off crop fields and thus decrease damage on important crops. In collaboration with researchers of Western University, Canada,

Applied Population Ecology

Why do some populations grow while others decline? How large is a population required to be sure that a species will not go extinct? How can we best select among alternate ways of conserving an

Forest animals

Do you want to learn about forest animals, their origin, biology and distribution patterns? Then this is the course for you! In this course you will study the biology of Swedish animal species and

Project based advance course

Do you have a study question in one of our expert fields that you just have to dig into? Or maybe a field you want to explore in your own project with the support of an experienced supervisor? Then

Beaver Impact Maps

Mapping of methylmercury concentrations in streams at catchment scale – a support to decide on potential beaver dam removal to reduce the burden of methylmercury in catchments. Beaver dams have a

Master's Thesis

Do you want to work in forests, in arctic environments, on savannas, or in tropical rainforests? Are you interested in ­historical data, or spatial data such as animal move­ments or distribution of

Fish and wildlife management

What are the success stories of fish and wildlife management? What are the current challenges? After finishing the course, you will be able to plan the sustainable management of selected fish and

Human dimensions of fish and wildlife management

Today, managing wildlife and working with nature-related issues rests on more than a knowledge of ecology, it also requires a knowledge of humans! CTA Human dimensions In the course Human Dimensions

Docent lectures S

Welcome to the Docent lectures at the Faculty of Forest Sciences Welcome to docent lectures at the Faculty of Forest Sciences 26 October. All lectures will be broadcast via Zoom and anyone who wants

Researchers identify strong biases in our understanding of how megaherbivores affect earth system functioning

The earth's megaherbivores, large plant-eating mammals weighing at least a ton as an adult, are severely endangered. What happens if they disappear? We do not fully know, because our knowledge of how

Hello there Elin Wärm…

… Master's student in environmental communication, who did an internship as a communicator this autumn with us at SLU Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies. What made you come here? – Since I am