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Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV)

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Researchers at SLU Landscape develop outdoor workplaces

The Vinnova-funded development project Innovation Arenas Markaryd has started up. It is about co-creative testing of prototypes for outdoor work and studies. The project is a collaboration between

New SLF-projekt: Intercropping for more sustainable oilseed rape production

Georg Carlsson was has been granted funding from SLF (Swedish farmers’ foundation for agricultural research) for three years, where researchers from different SLU-departments and HS konsult will

A new research communication video!

Dylan Wallman has made a research communication video together with Camilla Zakrisson Juhlin (Communications Officer at the LTV faculty). The video presents Dylan’s licentiates project and was mainly

A new SLU partnership forms

SLU Urban Futures and SLU’s Think Tank Movium, have teamed up to amplify SLU’s engagement in urban issues from a distinctive landscape perspective. Working together, they aim to reach new audiences

Chemical Ecology - Disease vectors

The chemical ecology of blood feeding insects is our field of research, with the primary focus on disease vector mosquitoes. Through a cross disciplinary approach, we investigate behaviours driven by

Integrated plant protection

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been mandatory for farmers in EU countries since 2014, yet we still lack a lot of scientific knowledge to help us use IPM effectively in many European crops.

Chemical Ecology - Agriculture

Chemically mediated interactions between plants and insects are central in many habitats, both natural ones and those influenced by human activities. The aim of our research is to establish

About the LTV faculty

The Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV faculty) is mainly located in Alnarp, in the centre of Sweden’s most dynamic agricultural, horticultural and food


The Master's programmes offered by SLU are unique and based on our strength and profile areas, a bio-based economy and environment, health and life quality. Application periods are 18 Oct 2021 - 17

Climate Conversation series

Climate Conversations - internal dialogue Welcome to the 2nd internal dialogue meeting in the Climate Conversation series arranged by SLU Global and the four SLU Future Platforms! As a continuation

Om SLU Horticulture

As the name suggests, the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science is responsible for horticulture-related activities and operations at SLU. SLU’s own motivation

SLU researchers' methods for measuring food waste are highlighted at the UN summit

On 23 September, the UN Food Systems Summit meeting was held, aiming to highlight and advance the urgent need of global transformation of the food systems. One of Sweden's official contributions to