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Plant Biology

Plants are of fundamental importance to most types of agricultural and ecological systems. Plant Biology covers many aspects of plant life and crop production, such as plant diseases and how they affect both the yield and quality of products. Knowledge ...



How can a European perspective contribute to better understanding and management of our environment? Please note, to make SLU your home university you must submit an application both through the national Swedish application system ( ...


Environmental communication and management

Communication plays an important role in the facilitation of sustainable management of natural resources and environmental issues. In the ECM program we learn how to understand communication processes, to create communicative strategies for environmental ...


Environmental Economics and Management

How do we find solutions to the world´s growing environmental problems? Would you like a career dealing with environmental issues in national or international businesses? We are increassingly aware of our responsibilities in the use and management ...


Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

Why is it so difficult to collectively organise sustainable fishing in lake Chilwa in Malawi? What are the basic ideas of development policies of the European Union and the World Bank? There is a growing recognition that the challenges in the development ...


Soil and Water Management

Soil and water management is of major concern at all levels of society from local authorities to international organisations. This Master"s degree will prepare you to work as a soil/water expert at public authorities at various levels, within consultancy ...


Sustainable Development

Human activities affect and are affected by natural resources in many ways. Do you want to learn more about sustainable development in natural and social contexts? The programme Sustainable Development is a cooperation between Uppsala university and ...

Ekhaga becomes Lövsta Field Research Station

Ekhaga becomes Lövsta Field Research Station

In order to strengthen applied agricultural research opportunities and to increase coordination at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ) at SLU in Uppsala, a new unit has been created: Lövsta Field Research Station. The operations ...


The Marie-Claire Cronstedt professorship in wildlife ecology

Professor Petter Kjellander will be responsible for the subject area wildlife ecology. Photo by Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU On 1 January 2018, the Marie-Claire Cronstedt professorship in wildlife ecology will be formally established at the NJ Faculty. ...


Jonathan Jones new honorary doctor at the NJ Faculty

Jonathan Johnes was awarded Honorary Doctorate at SLU and the Faculty of Natural Resorurces and Agricultural Sciences (NJ) at the doctoral award ceremony on 7 October 2017. Professor Jonathan Jones, from the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, England, ...

Linnean Centre Plant Science Frontiers seminar: RNA-directed DNA Methylation: Mother knows best!

Linnean Centre Plant Science Frontiers seminar: RNA-directed DNA Methylation: Mother knows best!

Presenter:Rebecca A. Mosher School of Plant Sciences, The University of Arizona, USA Facts Time: 2017-10-12 14:00 - City: Uppsala - Location: Lennart Kennes sal (A281) - Organiser: Charles Melnyk, Plant Biology, SLU - Read more about: NJ Faculty Uppsala ...

Lina Lönnberg

Lina Lönnberg

For more information about Lina, visit the Swedish page. Read more about: Biology Ecology Entomology Department of Ecology NJ Faculty Contact Doctoral Student at the Department of Ecology; Soil Ecology Unit Telephone: 018-672412 E-mail: ...

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