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Doctoral education

A programme consisting of four years' full-time study and 240 credits, which leads to a doctorate. A licentiate degree consists of 120 credits and two years' full-time study. In order to be accepted for doctoral studies, you must have completed basic university education, with at least one year at second-cycle level. A doctoral student gains a deeper insight into their subject in their doctoral studies. A doctoral thesis constitutes at least 120 credits of doctoral studies (80 for a licentiate degree).

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PhD course: Information retrieval and methods for scientific communication

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se This course will give you valuable skills and insights that will make your work easier and more effective. The course takes a broad approach to information retrieval and


Welcome to the Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (GS-VMAS) As from January 1st, 2016 we have one research shool within the VH-faculty, the Graduate School for Veterinary


Here are the activities for the Research School Organism Biology. The list will be updated regularly with new activities. Spring 2022 Visualize your Science, 4 ECTS (PNG0073) We all do excellent

About SILVA - Faculty of Forest Sciences Research School

SILVA is a cross departmental platform for doctoral students, that aims to coordinate at the faculty level, doctoral courses, seminars, workshops, skill enhancement and provide a supportive and

Propose an activity

All biology‐oriented PhD students at the BioCenter and their supervisors are strongly encouraged to suggest activities in the research school Organism Biology. OB has the funding necessary to satisfy

Postgraduate education

The department currently has PhD students admitted in Animal Science and in Biology. NJV offers postgraduate courses in crop science, animals science and in analytical methods. The courses are


NJV offers undergraduate education in the subjects agricultural science, animal science, and biology. Postgraduate studies are offered in crop science, animal science, biology, and soil science.


The department offers undergraduate courses, at basic and advanced level, in the subjects Environmental science, Landscape architecture and Rural development. We are responsible for the courses in

Statistics IV: Generalized Linear Models, 4 hp

The Ph. D. course Statistics IV: Generalized Linear Models, 4 hp The Ph. D. course Statistics IV: Generalized Linear Models, 4 hp, will be given in Uppsala. Content The course will cover the

Statistical methods - an overview, 4.5hp

Statistical methods - an overview, 4.5hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph. D. course Statistical methods - an overview, 4.5 hp, will be given in Alnarp. The course is built on lectures and computer

Statistics III: Regression analysis, 4 hp

Statistics III: Regression analysis, 4hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph.D. course will be given in Uppsala 10 January - 11 February 2022. Content The course will cover the following topics: • Simple

food printing

During the last year there has been ongoing work at SLU to create printable food inks from starch, fibre and protein rich fractions extracted from Faba beans. One of the persons that has been highly