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Doctoral education

A programme consisting of four years' full-time study and 240 credits, which leads to a doctorate. A licentiate degree consists of 120 credits and two years' full-time study. In order to be accepted for doctoral studies, you must have completed basic university education, with at least one year at second-cycle level. A doctoral student gains a deeper insight into their subject in their doctoral studies. A doctoral thesis constitutes at least 120 credits of doctoral studies (80 for a licentiate degree).

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GS-VMAS Planned activities

Here you may find an overview of planned activities such as workshops and seminars within GS-VMAS. Upcoming acitivities are announced via the web, in the VHC coffe rooms and via mail to doktorand-VH.

PhD half-time seminar: Tinkara Bizjak

PhD half-time seminar: Tinkara Bizjak anne.honsel@slu.se PhD half-time seminar organised by the Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology   Tinkara Bizjak, Umeå Plant Science Centre,

Dissertation Leon Niyibizi

Dissertation Leon Niyibizi sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Leon Niybizi defends his thesis: Evaluation of locally available feed resources for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Rwanda Lecture

Licentiate seminar: Sandra Bonow

Licentiate seminar: Sandra Bonow sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Sandra Bonow defends her thesis: Breeding of Swedish Warmblood horses towards specialization in show jumping and dressage Tanngrisner,

Dissertation Elin Stenberg

Dissertation Elin Stenberg sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Elin Stenberg defends her thesis: There is no easy answer – factors affecting meat quality in lambs Please click the link below to

Delphine Lariviere

Delphine Lariviere defended her thesis Old trees in young forests : Biodiversity management in planted conifer forests in southern Sweden 17 mars 2023. Delphine Lariviere defended her thesis "Old

GS-VMAS Guide organising seminars and workshops

Quick reference guide for organising seminars and workshops within GS-VMAS 1. Notice of interest for seminar /workshop within VMAS: Senda notice of interest to GS-VMAS (gs-vmas@slu.se) with a

GS-VMAS Course organiser guide

What do you as a course organiser need to do before/after the course? Who to address in different matters? Who handles what? Here is a guide to what you need to know. (för guide på svenska, byt språk

GS-VMAS Newsletters

GS-VMAS newsletters, with information on upcoming PhD Courses and other activites, are published 3-4 times per year and sent per mail to VH-alla Published newsletters 2023 Newsletter February -23

Course in Ecology for Fish Management and Conservation

Are you interested in in the ecology and sustainable management of fishes and their habitats? In the course Ecology for Fish Management and Conservation you will apply your new knowledge on fish

Nordic vegetation under changing climate

PhD Course: Nordic vegetation under changing climate dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se The vegetation of Northern Europe features a fascinating postglacial history, shaped by complex and spatially and

PhD training in Soil Science

The department of Soil and Environment offers PhD training in Soil Science. A PhD program is four years (240 hp) of which the major part (195 hp) consist of individual research and writing of a PhD