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Courses are the building blocks of a university education. Each course has a specific scope, as detailed in the course syllabus. A course may form part of a degree programme or may be taken as a self-contained course.

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PhD course: Forest damage - Monitoring and enviromental assessment

PhD course: Forest damage - Monitoring and environmental assessment theres.svensson@slu.se The next PhD student course on “Monitoring and environmental assessment” will start in March. The

Do you want to learn more about bees, apiculture and pollination?

Wild bees and honey bees plays an important role as pollinators. Without them our food would be much more boring. No apples and no coffee. The course will give you a lot of new knowledge about the


Water is essential for all life, economic development, well-functioning ecosystems and human well-being, and is crucial for achieving all the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030. Knowledge


At the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, we provide the Master's programme Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife. We also have individual courses at both Master's and

Bachelor's thesis

Are you interested in biodiversity, animal movements or how game and fish can be managed in a sustainable way? We have a wide range of bachelor's theses in the subjects forest science and biology!

Master's Thesis

Do you want to work in forests, in arctic environments, on savannas, or in tropical rainforests? Are you interested in ­historical data, or spatial data such as animal move­ments or distribution of

Degree- or Independent projects

If you are interested in doing a degree- or independent project at the department of Plant Protection Biology please contact Marie Bengtsson or any of the people responsible for the projects

Exam collection

The collection of exams for the Department of energy and technology is open on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 12:50 hrs. You are welcome to pick up your exam or re-take exam at the Exam collection room, by

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Within Forest Remote Sensing we conduct teaching in geographical information technology (GIT) and remote sensing. We are also responsible for the Ljungberg's Laboratory. Whitin SLU's forestry

Ph. D course

A PhD course in the Krycklan catchment September 19-25, 2024. ‘Watershed Ecology and Biogeochemistry’ addresses the foundational concepts and modern challenges within the broad field of watershed

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Our Department provides courses in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Technology (GIT), Forest Inventory, Forest Panning, Forest Mathematical Statistics and Organization and Leadership. You

Doctoral and Licentiate Studies

We train doctors and licentiates to become researchers with high international competence in Forest Resource Management, Technology and Mathematical Statistics. The training is four and two years