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Courses are the building blocks of a university education. Each course has a specific scope, as detailed in the course syllabus. A course may form part of a degree programme or may be taken as a self-contained course.

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Master's thesis

You can write your master’s thesis at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in the subject of forest science or biology. The following list outlines some of the fields in which you can do your

Summer and intensive courses

As a student at SLU, you have the possibility to study at other universities around the world. SLU has agreements with many universities in Scandinavia, Europe and other countries. There are several

Level and depth descriptors of courses in the first cycle (BSc- level) and second cycle (MSc-level) at SLU

G1N Courses in the first cycle with entry requirements only from upper secondary school. Previous level and depth descriptors: AB G1F Courses in the first cycle with less than 60 credits in the main

Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques

The management and conservation of species demands knowledge about population sizes and changes over time. During this course students learn how to plan inventories, apply the most important

Fish and wildlife management

What are the success stories of fish and wildlife management? What are the current challenges? After finishing the course, you will be able to plan the sustainable management of selected fish and

Human dimensions of fish and wildlife management

Today, managing wildlife and working with nature-related issues rests on more than a knowledge of ecology, it also requires a knowledge of humans! In the course Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife

Exam collection

The collection of exams for the Department of energy and technology is open on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 12:50 hrs. You are welcome to pick up your exam or re-take exam at the Exam collection room, by

MSc projects

Evaluation of genetic markers for convicine and vicine content in a diversity panel of faba bean Food and feed protein from green leaves – Increasing the protein recovery rates Investigation on


The Department of Energy and Technology offers undergraduate courses at bachelor's and master's level. We offer independent courses and courses within the Master's program in energy systems and the

Forest animals

Do you want to learn about forest animals, their origin, biology and distribution patterns? Then this is the course for you! --- The course is paused in 2024 and will be held again in the spring

Applied Population Ecology

Why do some populations grow while others decline? How large is a population required to be sure that a species will not go extinct? How can we best select among alternate ways of conserving an

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Welcome to the international course Sustainable use of natural resources. The course is a study trip and is given by SLU in collaboration with Purdue University and NC State University, USA. --- You