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Research schools

Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to SLU´s research schools.

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SILVA webinar: On interdisciplinary work

SILVA webinar: On interdisciplinary work dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se SILVA invites PhD students to a webinar on interdsciplinarity and methods to work with it. Invited speaker to the webinar is

Thematic Courses

Here you can find specialised courses organised within the Faculty of Forest Sciences on specific topics, subjects, themes and areas of interest and skills Upcoming courses: All upcoming courses are

Curiosity and interest was high on the annual meeting of SLU Forest Damage Centre’s Research school

Lots of curios questions and high interest was expressed when the PhD-students of the research school met together with representatives from the forest sector for the first annual meeting on 15th and

Contact a researcher

Do you want to get in touch with a researcher? Do you have a question about water and fish? We hope you will find the right person to ask below. SLU Departments Several of SLU’s departments have


Research at SLU develops knowledge about the biological natural resources and man’s management and sustainable use of them. Water is an integrated and important part of this work and SLU has

Diss Chea Eliyan

Estimating qualities and quantities of faecal sludge to determine resource recovery potential A case study in Phnom Penh, Cambodia charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Chea Eliyan defends her thesis "

Diss Josefina Jonsson

The Force of Social Media Rethinking the social and spatial contexts in entrepreneurship Charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Josefina Jonsson defends her thesis "The Force of Social Media Rethinking the

Diss Elsa Lagerquist

Leguminous service crops in cereal production at high latitudes Provision of ecosystem services and disservices from a novel intercropping system charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Elsa Lagerquist

Diss Janina Heinen

Multi-level trophic interactions in diversified cropping systems Functioning and dynamics among above- and belowground arthropods charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Janina Heinen defends her thesis "

Diss Laura Pirkola

Whole grain and the gut-brain axis The role of microbiota composition, dietary fiber, and metabolites Charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Laura Pirkola defends her thesis "Whole grain and the gut-brain

SILVA workshop on CV building up and proposal writing

SILVA workshop on CV building up and proposal writing dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se How could you enhance your CV and also write competitive research proposals? In your future life as a scientist

PhD-student webinar at SBT

PhD-students webinar at SBT dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se PhD students at the Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology present their work. Department of Forest Biomaterials and technology