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Doctoral theses

Some of SLU's doctoral theses are presented as news. The doctoral thesis is an academic work where the doctoral student reports on their area of research and their research results.

The doctoral thesis is presented and defended at a licentiate final review or a public defence of doctoral thesis.

There are 57 pages tagged with Theses:

To restore the ecosystems of lakes

When lake ecosystems work well, water quality is good. This allows us humans to use the resources that water constitutes. We can fetch drinking water from clean water bodies, use it to go for a swim,

The fate of environmentally hazardous PFAS substances in the soil has been investigated

Highly fluorinated substances, or PFAS substances, are a group of chemicals that in recent years have come to be regarded as environmental contaminants of global concern. In his doctoral thesis, Hugo

Effects of structure liming on clay soil

Structure liming is a method to stabilise clay aggregates and thereby reduce the risk of phosphorus losses. In his new doctoral thesis, Jens Blomquist has evaluated the efficiency of this practice.

How does naturally occurring and added nitrogen affect ectomycorrhizal communities?

Ectomycorrhiza is a symbiosis between forest trees and fungi. Ectomycorrhizal fungi are extremely important for the trees’ nutrient uptake. Nitrogen affects these fungi in different ways depending on

Wood properties affect the efficiency of nanocellulose extraction

Nanocellulose forms the basis of many novel materials and is used already now for a wide range of different applications. Anne Bünder, PhD student in Totte Niittylä’s group, investigated how wood

Effects of uncontrolled urbanization on river streamflow and water quality

Urbanisation cause degradation of water quality and streamflow in rivers and streams worldwide. With the Rocha River catchment in Bolivia as an example, Benjamin Gossweiler Herrera evaluated land

Optiska sensorer i dricksvattenproduktionen

A new dissertation from the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment has investigated how sensors can be used to improve the cleaning of drinking water. The study has focused on the removal of

Can improving subsoil conditions enhance crop yield or water quality?

Gizachew Tarekegn Getahun has evaluated the effects of subsoil management options on crop yield, soil properties and the environment in his new doctoral thesis. Subsoil loosening combined with straw

More efficient irrigation and fertiliser management in Mozambique

As much as 40% of the global food production comes from irrigated agriculture, but large amount of fertilisers and irrigation water is lost due to inappropriate irrigation practices. In a new

New thesis shows that ecological memory affects ecosystems’ response to disturbances

A new thesis shows that the microbial communities of lakes and streams can develop a kind of ‘memory’ of disturbances that affect how they response when they face another disturbance. Ecological

The 50th Ph.D. from Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

When Vera Franke successfully defended her thesis in October, the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment got its 50th Ph.D. The Department of Environmental Assessment was formed in 1994 by a

New thesis on PFAS remediation

Mattias Sörengård has in his doctoral thesis studied how soil contaminated by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances can be remediated. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are used in a variety