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Doctoral theses

Some of SLU's doctoral theses are presented as news. The doctoral thesis is an academic work where the doctoral student reports on their area of research and their research results.

The doctoral thesis is presented and defended at a licentiate final review or a public defence of doctoral thesis.

There are 109 pages tagged with Theses:

Effects of uncontrolled urbanization on river streamflow and water quality

Urbanisation cause degradation of water quality and streamflow in rivers and streams worldwide. With the Rocha River catchment in Bolivia as an example, Benjamin Gossweiler Herrera evaluated land

Optiska sensorer i dricksvattenproduktionen

A new dissertation from the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment has investigated how sensors can be used to improve the cleaning of drinking water. The study has focused on the removal of

Disputation-Peter Ruvuga

Dissertation: Rangeland and livestock management practices for improved herder livelihoods in miombo woodland fun-vh@slu.se Peter Ruvuga defends his thesis "Rangeland and livestock management

Can improving subsoil conditions enhance crop yield or water quality?

Gizachew Tarekegn Getahun has evaluated the effects of subsoil management options on crop yield, soil properties and the environment in his new doctoral thesis. Subsoil loosening combined with straw

Dissertation-Dinah Seligsohn

Dissertation: Pure white gold - Subclinical mastitis in dairy camels in Kenya with special focus on Streptococcus agalactiae fun-vh@slu.se Dinah Seligsohn defends her thesis 'Pure white gold -

More efficient irrigation and fertiliser management in Mozambique

As much as 40% of the global food production comes from irrigated agriculture, but large amount of fertilisers and irrigation water is lost due to inappropriate irrigation practices. In a new

Disputation-Emelie Pettersson

Dissertation: Gastrointestinal parasites in pigs - prevalence, risk factors and control fun-vh@slu.se Emelie Pettersson defends her thesis "Gastrointestinal parasites in pigs - prevalence, risk

Disputation-Niclas Högberg

Dissertation: Sensing the worms – Automated behaviour monitoring for detection of parasitim in grazing livestock fun-vh@slu.se Niclas Högberg defends his thesis "Sensing the worms – Automated

Disputation-Karolina Brunius Enlund

Dissertation: Dental care in dogs - A survey of Swedish dog owners, veterinarians and veterinary nurses fun-vh@slu.se Karolina Brunius Enlund defends her thesis "Dental care in dogs - A survey of

New thesis shows that ecological memory affects ecosystems’ response to disturbances

A new thesis shows that the microbial communities of lakes and streams can develop a kind of ‘memory’ of disturbances that affect how they response when they face another disturbance. Ecological

Dissertation-Louise Winblad von Walter

Dissertation: Physiological and behavioural responses to fear and discomfort in dogs and goats fun-vh@slu.se Louise Winblad von Walter defends her thesis "Physiological and behavioural responses to

dissertation-Haldis Kismul

Dissertation: Finding grazetime - combining grazing with automatic milking fun-vh@slu.se Haldis Kismul defends her thesis "Finding grazetime - combining grazing with automatic milking". Lecture