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Doctoral theses

Some of SLU's doctoral theses are presented as news. The doctoral thesis is an academic work where the doctoral student reports on their area of research and their research results.

The doctoral thesis is presented and defended at a licentiate final review or a public defence of doctoral thesis.

There are 39 pages tagged with Theses:

Cultivar mixtures may reduce aphid problems in the future

Aphids are causing problems for agriculture worldwide and there is a great need to find alternatives to chemical pesticides. Sokha Kheam's thesis shows that it may be possible to reduce infestations

Constraints and opportunities for organic crop production in areas of high agricultural productivity

Tomorrow, Rafaelle Reumaux will defend her thesis about the diversity of management practices in organic cereal production. We ask her three questions. What is your research about, more specifically?

It is vital to manage pathogenic fungi in forest nurseries

Increased knowledge about pathogenic fungi in nurseries can improve the measures used to protect the tree seedlings. Therefore, in her doctoral thesis, Rebecca Larsson has studied the occurrence of

Thesis presents unique study on flood mitigation in newly rewetted peatlands

Rewetting some of Sweden's drained peatlands has been touted as a measure to mitigate the effects of extreme weather. But how effective is this? In her doctoral thesis Shirin Karimi at SLU in Umeå

Doctoral thesis on sustainable plant production adapted to climate change

On Thursday, Alessio Costa will defend his doctoral thesis. He shows how crop rotation diversity, i.e. how farmers switch between different crops on their fields, can benefit food security and

Root rot in peas can be combated with resistant pea varieties

Peas often suffer from root rot caused by the water mold Aphanomyces euteiches. Can we combine the tasty but susceptible pea variety Linnea with an old German landrace to get partially resistant new

To save plants motivated her to do her PhD in forest regeneration

The choice of the planting position can determine if a tree seedling survives or not. Bodil Häggström always cared about the fate of seedlings which motivated her to investigate in her PhD the effect

Mark Wales disputation

Doctoral thesis: Adolescent outdoor life and well-being When? The 31 May 2024 at 9:00 Where? Crafoordsalen, Alnarp Department of People and Society

Tinder for dairy cattle: Great benefits of DNA analysis

In today's dairy cattle breeding, it is possible to analyze the DNA of individuals and predict genomic breeding values. However, the possibilities of DNA analysis do not stop at genomic breeding

Goal for the future: Fields buzzing with insects

A wide variety of beneficial insects live in and on the soil of arable fields. Together they form a network of helpers that promote crop growth. In her thesis at the Swedish University of

Thesis highlights the importance of a holistic approach in ungulate management

The behavior of fallow deer, red deer, roe deer, and moose in the landscape is influenced by their basic needs: food, shelter, and avoidance of fear. In cultivated landscapes, it is predominantly

Knowledge unearthed: Variation in our forests controlled by moisture

The water guides the way for the forest's growth and its carbon sequestration potential. PhD-student Johannes Larson has mapped this in his dissertation using advanced soil moisture maps – and a