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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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New funding for water research

During the autumn 2022, the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU has been delighted to receive news on the approval of several research grants that can increase our knowledge of water

Weed seed predation depends on agricultural intensity

Field management intensity weakens the ecosystem service of weed seed predation. This is shown by SLU researchers in a new study. In addition, a new metric was developed that can assess the strength

Our PhD students learn more about food- and biomaterial-related activities in Scandinavia

In October 2022, several PhD students from the research school “Focus on food and biomaterials” at SLU visited several companies and organizations in Sweden and Denmark, which are working with food

600 lakes and 1000 water courses to new Ecological Quality Criteria

During the autumn of 2022, an updated way of assessing the ecological status of water has been introduced in Sweden. The assessments apply to water in Sweden and are now harmonised with assessments

Mapping the genome of the unique heath hare of southern Sweden

The heath hare is a subspecies of the mountain hare found in southern Sweden. Its winter pelage is blue-grey instead of white. Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the

Is the growth of our forests getting worse?

What is the growth status of Swedish forests? Can Sweden live up to its climate pledges? We spoke to SLU experts on forest growth to find out what is happening – and what we might expect. SLU

Kick-off for the new Interdisciplinary Adacemy

In November, SLU's new Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) makes its official start. Two projects and eleven researchers are admitted to the academy. Together, they represent nine departments, all four

Wild boar can reduce soil decomposer abundance and affect soil nutrients in boreal forests

In forests, wild boar rooting patches are clearly visible, but it is not as easy to see how they affect life in the soil. Now SLU can show that the wild boar reduces the number of soil mites, small

Large Wallenberg grant to Stéphanie Robert for studies on how plant cells get their "identity"

Professor Stéphanie Robert of SLU will lead a research project awarded over SEK 32 million by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The aim is to explore how plant cells get their "identity", how

Is there poison in the drinking water?

Alberto Celma and Svante Rehnstam from SLU are training to be able to answer this question. They participate in a project that has the goal of increasing the possibility of identifying unknown

Location and size determine the cost-effectiveness of the wetland

Since the beginning of the 1990s, many wetlands have been constructed in Sweden. The reasons have been several. But there are so far few studies that have followed up on how effective the wetlands

Upplev regnskogens återkomst med SLU

In north-eastern Borneo, one of the world's largest rainforest replanting projects is underway with the aim of restoring the entire ecosystem. Researchers from SLU are working there to create the