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CBM contributing to nordic assessment

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Foto: Håkan Tunón In 2016 and 2017, a project has been ongoing in the Nordic countries to evaluate the status and trends of biodiversity and ecosystem services in coastal areas, but also the driving forces for development, ...

moth scales_300.jpg

Ancient insect outbreaks can be traced in lake sediments

Sediment layers in lakes reflect how the environment has changed over the millennia, and for a long time, pollen analyzes have been used to show how the vegetation has varied in an area. Now we know that it is also possible to trace ancient ...


Car-free urban districts - an inter- and transdisciplinary research project

Foto: Nina Vogel The Vinnova funded project "Car-free urban districts" is an inter- and transdisciplinary research project that develops, tests and synthesizes conceptual approaches and practices towards car-free urban development. The city of Malmö ...


Trace elements in ear stones, important tools in cod management

Transverse cross section of a Baltic cod otolith. Red dots mark annual rings and indicate that the cod was four years old when it was caught. Photo: Yvette Heimbrand. The fish management of the Baltic Sea cod requires better analysis of age ...


New insights on dormancy in tree buds

Birch buds in winter dormancy. Photo: David Stephansson For trees in boreal and temperate climates, it is important that buds do not burst precociously, but only when it's spring for real. Therefore, the buds are put in dormancy in the autumn, which ...


Swedish project on Healthy Livestock, Safe Food in East Africa launched

A good health condition in food-producing animals is a prerequisite for the sustainable production of animal food products and for a future where antibiotics can still be used effectively to treat serious infections in humans and animals. (Photo: Jonas ...


Starving Baltic Sea cod produce fewer eggs

Foto: Jonas Hentati-Sundberg During the past two decades, eastern Baltic cod has suffered from the disappearance of larger individuals, a decrease in the mean length at sexual maturity and a drastic decrease in individual body condition, raising concerns ...


New SLU project about entrepreneurial urban and peri-urban agriculture in Tanzania

Katarina Pettersson (left) and Johanna Bergman Lodin (right). Between 2010 and 2030, FAO projects that Africa"s urban population will double. With urbanization taking place at such a fast pace, it becomes important to understand how urban and peri-urban ...


How can you use Ecology Centre´s upgraded DNA-lab?

10 000 insects and spiders. What have they eaten? Photo: Anna Lundmark With molecular methods researchers can discover ecological relationships that they have not been able to study before. It may concern which prey species predatory insects may eat ...


3rd Animal Welfare Science Symposium 2018

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the third annual Animal Welfare Science Symposium, which will be held at SLU in Uppsala, May 2 - 3. This symposium will be of interest to researchers and research students in Sweden interested in the broad topic ...

puffin and whale menu2.jpg

Complicating the picture around tourism and whale meat consumption

How does tourism intersect with morally contested animal consumption? This is just one of the questions discussed in the recent book "Tourism experiences and animal consumption. Contested values, morality and ethics" edited by Carol Kline. One chapter, ...

Vaccin mot fruktade hästsjukdomen kvarka

Vaccin mot fruktade hästsjukdomen kvarka

Forskare vid SLU, Karolinska Institutet och Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, Storbritannien (AHT) har under lång tid arbetat med att utveckla ett vaccin mot hästsjukdomen kvarka. Genom att analysera arvsmassan hos bakterien som orsakar kvarka har forskarna ...

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