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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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PhD student from the department is first author of accepted paper in high impact journal

PhD student from the department is first author of accepted paper in high impact journal

About the effect on ecosystem functions by increased pesticide and nutrient use under an intensified agriculture in the future The PhD student Alexander Feckler and the supervisors Mirco Bundschuh and Willem Goedkoop, all from the Department of Aquatic ...

Ekhaga becomes Lövsta Field Research Station

Ekhaga becomes Lövsta Field Research Station

In order to strengthen applied agricultural research opportunities and to increase coordination at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ) at SLU in Uppsala, a new unit has been created: Lövsta Field Research Station. The operations ...


The Marie-Claire Cronstedt professorship in wildlife ecology

Professor Petter Kjellander will be responsible for the subject area wildlife ecology. Photo by Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU On 1 January 2018, the Marie-Claire Cronstedt professorship in wildlife ecology will be formally established at the NJ Faculty. ...


Jonathan Jones new honorary doctor at the NJ Faculty

Jonathan Johnes was awarded Honorary Doctorate at SLU and the Faculty of Natural Resorurces and Agricultural Sciences (NJ) at the doctoral award ceremony on 7 October 2017. Professor Jonathan Jones, from the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, England, ...

Snytbagge700_Claes Hellqvist.jpg

SLU awards for important and innovative research

Pine weevil. Photo: Claes Hellqvist, SLU Non-toxic combating of large pine weevil, hampering pathogenic microorganisms and an environmentally friendly method for eradicating seed-borne pathogens. These three inventions have been named the most successful ...


The fungal community of spruce stumps may affect treatment against root rot

Stumps are treated with the biological control agent Rotstop, which is applied on stumps following harvest. Photo: Jonas Olivà. The most serious pathogen in Swedish forestry is the fungus Heterobasidion annosum. The most important counteraction constitutes ...


Researchers seek success factors for a good crop performance with a new method of data analysis

Barley. Photo: Mårten Svensson How do you get a high barley yield? Researchers at SLU have used a method that allowed them to compare many factors simultaneously to find the management practices that are most significant eg factors related to plant ...

coenagrion pulchellum300.jpg

What Is on the Menu for Dragonflies?

Researchers from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Universities of Turku and Helsinki, Finland, are the first in the world to discover which species adult dragonflies and damselflies prey upon, as modern laboratory techniques enabled ...


Cormorants confirm Darwin"s theory of secondary dispersal of seeds and invertebrates via predation of fish

Skarvkoloni. Foto: Maria Ovegård Charles Darwin noted the potential of birds to spread plant seeds and invertebrates through their fish prey. His theory has now been studied and proved to occur in Great cormorants. Secondary dispersal may provide critical ...

forskningsfartyg Svea300.jpg

Svea will be the name of Sweden's new research vessel

Illustration of Svea, Sweden's new ocean-going vessel for marine research and environmental monitoring, currently being built on a shipyard in Spain. Illustration: Skipsteknisk SLU has been commissioned by the Swedish government to build a new ocean-going ...


New lab for SLU researchers offers molecular services for community studies

Ultuna Metabarcoding Laboratory, UMBLA, is a new lab that offers molecular laboratory services for community studies of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms to researchers at SLU. The lab also provide training and expert advice. The new lab is located ...


23 snow leopards have displayed their way of life

Snow leopard. Photo: Örjan Johansson With the help of GPS data from collared snow leopards, research on this enigmatic carnivore has made great progress over the past nine years. One of the foreground figures in this work is Örjan Johansson, who has ...

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