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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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Greater climate benefit in the parts of the northern coniferous forest belt where the forest is managed

The carbon stock in the managed boreal forest landscapes is increasing, while it is relatively unchanged in less intensively utilized forests, where the carbon losses due to forest fires have been

Nätverk av skyddade områden behövs för att bevara havets biologiska mångfald

Marine protected areas (MPAs) contribute to the persistence and recovery of viable populations. Ecological connectivity, i.e. dispersal and movement of organisms and material across ecosystems, needs

To restore the ecosystems of lakes

When lake ecosystems work well, water quality is good. This allows us humans to use the resources that water constitutes. We can fetch drinking water from clean water bodies, use it to go for a swim,

Predator sound playbacks reduce crop damage on agricultural fields

A new study by SLU shows that predator sound playbacks can keep ungulates off crop fields and thus decrease damage on important crops. In collaboration with researchers of Western University, Canada,

Two ERC starting grants to SLU

This year, two SLU researchers are awarded one of the most prestigious research grants in Europe, a starting grant from the European Research Council (ERC): Petra Marhava, for studies of how plants

Landscape complexity promotes resilience of biological pest control

Ecosystem services can be vulnerable to climate change. How vulnerable depends on how resilient they are to, for example, changing temperatures. In a new study, landscape complexity was found to

Plant protection fungus can control the behavior of plant pathogenic fungi with the help of small RNAs

For the first time, researchers have shown that one fungal species can control the behavior of another fungus using secreted RNA molecules. It has important uses in food safety to protect crops from

SEK 91 million to forest tree research

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, has awarded funding to three projects in forest research. María Rosario García-Gil, Ove Nilsson, both SLU and Stefan Jansson, Umeå University, want

Seed predators help us to control weeds in the fields

Many small rodents and carabid beetles like to eat weed seeds and we benefit from that in agriculture. New research at SLU shows that these seed predators can reduce the population of weeds - in this

Large losses of carbon dioxide from mires during the autumn

A new study shows that the storage of carbon dioxide in waterlogged peat of northern mires is not stable. Rapid transport of carbon dioxide to the surface occurs every autumn. This has been found by

Over 42 million for development research

Thirteen different research projects at SLU were granted more than SEK 42 million when the Swedish Research Council (VR) distributed funds for development research. In total, VR granted more than SEK

Two Wallenberg Academy Fellows to SLU

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation's investment in young researchers continues with 27 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows. In the category natural sciences, two of the researchers will work at SLU: