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Environmental monitoring and assessment news

Here we present news items about environmental monitoring and assessment, a special mission within SLU.

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No-take zones

No-take zones can improve both fish and shellfish populations and restore ecosystem functions. Evaluations of the Swedish no-take zones show that the populations rapidly increase when an area is

Smaller perch mothers as the sea gets warmer

Female perch living in warmer water invest in early reproduction. They mature when they are smaller compared to perch living in natural water temperatures. This is shown by a study from researchers

The genetics reveal the herring's complex migration and mixing

Small variations in few selected fragments of the DNA allow to characterize an incredible population diversity of herring throughout the western Baltic Sea, the Kattegat and Skagerrak. Many herring

NRS Ungsskogsinventering 2022

På uppdrag av Skogsstyrelsen har SLU inom ramen för NRS (Nationell riktad skogsskadeövervakning) inventerat ungskogar i norra Sverige. Resultaten visar att nästan 40 procent av ungskogen i Sveriges

Workshop towards harmonized forest monitoring and reporting

February sees SLU hosting an international workshop focusing on future EU-wide forest monitoring. On February 1 through 2, SLU will host an international event at campus Ultuna in Uppsala. The

600 lakes and 1000 water courses to new Ecological Quality Criteria

During the autumn of 2022, an updated way of assessing the ecological status of water has been introduced in Sweden. The assessments apply to water in Sweden and are now harmonised with assessments

Is the growth of our forests getting worse?

What is the growth status of Swedish forests? Can Sweden live up to its climate pledges? We spoke to SLU experts on forest growth to find out what is happening – and what we might expect. SLU

Location and size determine the cost-effectiveness of the wetland

Since the beginning of the 1990s, many wetlands have been constructed in Sweden. The reasons have been several. But there are so far few studies that have followed up on how effective the wetlands

Forest Damage Centre funds 34 projects

The steering comittée at the Forest Damage Centre suggests to the dean to fund 34 projects from the budget for 2022. In total 67 applications came in, an impressive amount of skilled and creative

Miljö-DNA kan användas för att räkna gäddorna i sjön

Researchers can now measure how much fish there is below the surface using only a water sample. In a study recently published in the journal Environmental DNA, Erik Karlsson and colleagues measured

Öppet fartyg

In the presence of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria, the Swedish research vessels R/V Svea, R/V Skagerak and S/V Ocean Surveyor will host an open day in Stockholm. All three vessels will anchor up

New knowledge about climate change in the Arctic

Climate change has a much greater impact on the Arctic than in many other areas of the world says Willem Goedkoop, researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU. Together with