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Environmental monitoring and assessment news

Here we present news items about environmental monitoring and assessment, a special mission within SLU.

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WRAM is part of the new e-infrastructure SBDI that is officially launched 4 October

The Swedish LifeWatch consortium will end at the end of 2021 and is replaced by the Swedish biodiversity data infrastructure consortium SBDI. WRAM continues the collaboration in a similar way. SLU

Video from the seminar; Individual-based tree modelling for remote sensing data

This is a recording from the seminar presented by Arne Pommerening at the 24th of September. It is part of Environmental Statistics - a Statistics@SLU seminar series about statistics for

Video from the seminar; Statistical methods for evaluation of temporal trends in environmental data

This is a recording from the seminar presented by Claudia von Brömssen at the 27th of August. It is part of Environmental Statistics - a Statistics@SLU seminar series about statistics for

Drug usage measured in the sewage water from Uppsala

A researcher from the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment have, on behalf of SVT Uppsala and UNT, analysed samples of the sewage water in Uppsala to estimate the illegal drug use in Uppsala

Biodiversity in watercourses is better monitored with environmental DNA

Studies of macroinvertebrate fauna are an important part of environmental monitoring of watercourses. Today, samples are often taken using a net, followed by a manual examination of the diversity of

SLU focuses on the value of water

Today, March 22, is the World Water Day, which this year has an extra focus on how we value water and its provision of ecosystem services. At SLU, we pay a little extra attention to water issues and

Acidified or just acid?

The Nordic countries assess the acidification of lakes and watercourses very differently. Researchers of SLU have together with Norwegian and Finnish colleagues suggested a new harmonized assessment

Extending and intensifying the environmental monitoring and assessment objective

SLU strives to make environmental data available, useable and quality controlled. All data from our environmental monitoring and assessment should come with a quality declaration and ensure

SLU is introducing stricter environmental requirements

A sharp decrease in air travel is one of five new measures to be implemented at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in a bid to reduce the university’s environmental impact. All

OSPAR Input Chairman

At their annual meeting, the OSPAR working group INPUT re-elected Lars Sonesten, senior environmental analyst specialist at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, as chairman for the

winner hack for sweden

During the 5-6 of December three teams competed in the innovation competition Hack for Sweden 365 to help forest owners fight damage caused by the European spruce bark beetle. The team Mellerud PK


The ’Nordic Centre of Excellence’ BIOWATERis dedicated to the exploration of potential changes in landuse, forestry and agriculture impact on waters and society. Biowater researchers have now